Post Apocalyptic Justin

Date: 08.10.2016
Language: English
Censored: No

Info: The game is set in a post apocalyptic universe, you play as Justin
(Yep, same character [probably happens after a holocaust in ‘The Long Vacation’ xD {Unintentional}]
The main goal in the game is to reproduce as much as possible.
It has a more generic system for relationships and provides different scenes which depend on it.
The player can have (and should have) a “Guardian” someone who takes care of him / accompanies him in the wasteland.
For now theres only 1 female, (Etta) which already has plenty of scenes.
Money could be earned by gathering scraps and selling them to the vendor at the town.
Other npc’s could be found on the map by scouting an area or paying for information at the inn.
Etta has a secret scene at night if she has alot of interest in another npc which is not the player.
Anyhow, that’s it for now.

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Size: 411 Mb

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Size: 411 Mb

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