Raid on Astoria – New Version 0.6b

Date: 08.02.2018
Language: English
Version: 0.6b
Censored: Yes

Info: This is a game about a man who was born and brought up in a family of barbarians, in one of the most powerful clans that waged the war against their neighbors. While he was growing up, his father confederated other clans under their own flags and they crushed all his enemies together, and the survivors were taken into slavery. And for many years they continued to plunder and burn those villages of the occupied territory. But after a while, the barbarians began to get tired of boring life, they did not used to farm and grow cattle. First they started small skirmishes, but then it turned into robberies, murders and rapes. When the protagonist of this story grew up, he decided to assemble the army and search for new lands to direct the rage of his people.

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