Untitled Enlit3D – New Version 4.5

Date: 26.06.2018
Language: English
Version: 4.5
Censored: No

Info: Right now it plays like a dungeon crawler – take your party (or solo) into randomly generated dungeons with enemies, bosses, traps (to come), etc that presents interesting challenges and scenes for our heroines (and heroes in the future). Dress up your character(s) with the loot and treasure found in the dungeons, pick your favorite weapons and even adjust body proportions directly via sliders – no RNG this time, fully functional inventory, equipment and sliders UI.

implemented item descriptions when hovering over items
implemented bow and arrows
– implemented ammo, the game uses a global ammo pool that is shared with all ranged weapons that consumes weapon
implemented non flat terrain and encounter maps
implemented 8 new positions (5 M/F, 2 F/M, 1 F/F)
implemented outfit stripping
enemies now select positions based on what’s available (include mods) rather than from a fixed list
minion enemies are now grabbable. Weapons with high impact damage is especially effective at this.
implemented a yes/no prompt check when “back to camp” button is pressed to help against fat fingering
implemented a chatbox/logging system on the bottom of right of screen to notify players things that may not be obvious
– when “ammo” are looted – they are automatically looted when opening the container
cumming may now leave cum behind
implemented new collision handling for already colliding objects
implemented various optimizations
fixed incorrect weights in the slave_set
fixed bug that cause the interaction prompt to linger longer than it should
fixed possible crush due to HotBar loading invalid or spent items
fixed units in orgasm not having invulnerability at start
fixed crush at bartering window when dragging invalid item into it
fixed quest not working
fixed bug with projectiles not hitting nearby enemies and issue on enemies near walls
fixed inv icons disappearing when dragging the scrollbar while inventory size is small
fixed bug with swapping items in the hotbar not updating the change visually
modding changes
– more diagnostic messages
– simplified the mod installation process
– as a result, mods from previous versions are incompatible with new version

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Size: 132 Mb

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Size: 132 Mb

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Size: 132 Mb

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Size: 132 Mb

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