Holiday Islands – Episode 1 New Version 4

Date: 20.07.2018
Language: English
Version: 4 (Episode 1)
Censored: No

Info: The story is about a young guy who just finished college. He celebrates this at a party. Then he wakes up in the middle of nowhere. He cannot remember what happened. He has a complete blackout! Did he drink to much? How did he end up so far away from home?
In this early version you will be able to play through the introduction.

concerning save-game compatibility:
I know that incompatible save-games suck. But it’s way to early do deal with that. There are still fundamental changes happening in the scripts. It would be a waste of very precious development time to maintain this.
To keep the ‘cheese with that whine’ at a minimum I’ve:
added the option the skip the long intro, this basically fakes perfectly played intro.
added downloadable save-games from my own test-play as promised before
Also I believe some players are not familiar with the Ren’Py-skip feature. I’ve added a explanation to the tutorial because of that.
questlog: completed collection-quests caused an exception if another item was found after completing the quest, sympathy technically counts as ‘item’
map: music-/ambient-sound now stops if player teleports to silent rooms inside the girls house
using the skip intro option will not show the compass on the initial location, workaround: move to other location
cosmetic: tooltip-text from imagebuttons will sometimes not disappear because they’re not being ‘unhovered’
cosmetic: when delivering ‘Slurm’ to Meagans watch tower at night the cooling box is invisible, found that one after the V4 upload completed, to late 🙁
Way to many … I’ll maybe add this later, running backup rights now and my change-notes are somewhat chaotic, also spoiler risk.

Download 1

From Rapidgator

Size: 317 Mb

Download 2

From Fileboom

Size: 317 Mb

Download 3

From Uploaded

Size: 317 Mb

Download 4

From Keepshare

Size: 317 Mb

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