Tower of Trample – New Version 1.9

Tower of Trample – New Version 1.9

Date: 13.09.2018
Language: English
Version: 1.9
Censored: Not sure

Info: Tower of Trample is an ongoing game about saving your friends from a bunch of vicious villainesses. They will stop you with their wicked femdom-oriented wrestling moves. You will stand against their despicable humiliation and fight your way to the top of the tower.

ToT 1.9 – Summer Cleanup (9/13/2018)
5F Story
– Added scene for the first time you defeat Lily
– Added additional Cobra dialogue after Lily’s Apprentice Ceremony
– Note that the only requirement for the upcoming floor is defeating Lily once (like other floors)
– (An additional cutscene for Redeeming Lily will be released with 6F)
– Added Lily Mini-Expansion/Rework
– Added (temporary) optional floor reset to play her rework without a starting new game
– Lily’s Redeem status will be reset for old saves
– Lily’s stats, menus, progression, etc. have been made more intuitive/organic
– Lily’s Affection is now clamped between -3 and 3
– Added “Nice” variations for some of Lily’s ero-scenes and other dialogues
– Added an interactive item to the floor map, unlocked by offering Lily a particular item
– You can now repeat Lily’s Offer scenes, unlocked by completing them all
– Reaching 0 Confidence now adds the Confidence-Loss ero-scenes to her general post-loss scene pool
– Redeeming Lily now adds the Redeem-Fail ero-scene to her general post-loss scene pool
– Added Lily EX (see below for details on EX battles), unlocked after Redeeming her
– Buffed Lily’s Redeem battle to match your stats (similar to an EX battle)
– Various grammar edits and bugfixes
– Added Cobra Expansion, unlocked via her Pantyhose and Stat-Buy storylines
– Added minor interaction to Cobra at minimum stats (Level/ATK/DEF at 1)
– Added means to Tribute to Cobra without fighting her, unlocked via her expansion
– Added means to repeat Cobra’s Venom Illusion scenes
– Added Ancient Coin as an occasional “Lucky Bonus” to Cobra’s A-Rank Victory Reward
– Buffed Cobra to “discourage” Grab Block when she has enough stats (“Level 2”)
– Buffed Cobra’s Fire attacks when she has even more stats (“Level 3″)
– Added Cobra EX, unlocked after getting S-Rank when fighting her
– Added Fast-Travel/”Elevator” mechanic, found beside the Sanctum Portal after defeating Lily once
– Added Khulan EX, unlocked after getting S-Rank on Level 3

– Bandaid for bug where Piety failed to increase in some cases (please report if you encounter Piety increasing twice within one Church sequence)
– Piety will update upon loading for old saves affected by the bug
– Added Eliza EX, unlocked after getting S-Rank on Level 3
– Eliza Supper Footjob can now be (essentially) repeated after finishing the Supper event line
– Reduced base damage of her Thunder attack
– Rebalanced Yvonne in various ways as she was the most impacted by the Elemental adjustments (see below)
– Yvonne’s Fire Tornado Kick scaling has been adjusted and now deals Fire damage
– Yvonne’s Fire Skill level now caps at 20 (will be reduced to 5 for old saves)
– Added new Footjob interactions for different Fire Skill levels
– Added method to disable Fire Tornado Kick (for a price)
– Yvonne’s Boot Seduction can now be avoided with a QTE and deals %hp damage
– Buffed Yvonne Level 2 to “encourage” your boot-sniffing habit
– Buffed Yvonne Level 3 to kick more when she kicks
– Added Yvonne EX, unlocked after getting S-Rank on Level 3
– Wind Tunic is now classified as an Accessory
– Howard will now give you the Dojo Photo automatically upon freeing him
– Scarlett can no longer Miss or Evade (other enemies Miss/Evade as normal)
– Slightly nerfed Scarlett Level 1
– Fixed typo referring to 4/4 Submission as 5/5
– Added Scarlett EX, unlocked after getting S-Rank on Level 3
Level EX
– EX battles are an optional challenge mode where bosses are never at a stat disadvanage
– Boss base stats are higher, further increased to match yours (where necessary), and finally boosted based on the boss’s EX level
– EX battles provide a level evaulation of “EX”, which allows S-Rank to be achieved even without “A” in all evaluation categories
– EX mechanics and rewards resemble their Level 3 (or otherwise “strongest”) incarnations
– Winning EX battles provides extra gold (based on boss EX level) and permanently increases boss EX level
– Losing EX battles provides the same rewards as Level 3 (although the inflated level evaluation makes A-Rank loss easier to achieve)
– EX battles have unique BGM and Win/Loss text, but do NOT gate any story/progression/expansion/item/etc. content
– You cannot Surrender during EX battles
– Increased player attack accuracy (you will no longer Miss, but enemies can still Evade)
– Equipment tooltips now indicate their Elemental defenses and weaknesses
– Your exact Elemental defenses and weaknesses can now be viewed under Status
– Various bugfixes and consequent balance tweaks involving Elemental attacks and resistance
– Fixed bug where Fire Punch gave the enemy a buff
– Fixed bug where Stun caused automatic QTE Success (you now automatically Fail, but the Stun is cleared)
– Accessories for Floors 1-3 (Fire Cape, Wind Tunic, Water Cloak) have been adjusted
– Added System Menu to adjust relative Sound Volume and Menu Tint
– Added limited custom music track support (see Readme in the Audio\BGM folder)

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