Ciri Trainer – Tech Demo

Date: 30.09.2018
Language: English
Version: Demo
Censored: No

Info: In this game you’ll be playing as Vesemir, Kaer Moher’s elder witcher in charge of training Ciri to becum a witcher herself!
She will need to endure melee, alchemy and magic training and you’ll be the overseer of her progress:
Manage Kaer Moher, assign Ciri to training and in case, punish her.
However, this will not be a one-man task:
Ciri was born with a natural gift for magic, so you will need proper sorceresses to help with her education and…
…There’s a lot more features I don’t wanna spoil just yet, tho.​

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Size: 259 Mb

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Size: 259 Mb

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Size: 259 Mb

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Size: 259 Mb

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