Dark Magic – New Version 0.2

Date: 20.10.2018
Language: English
Version: 0.2.0
Censored: No

Info: The story is all about you (the player), an only man in this town. They don’t really know what is happening with all of those men. It has been a long time since the last man was born. Until you! You were born and grow up in a small family with nothing special. Your life is moving in the linear direction with an extra boring in it until you’ve met with someone… Someone who will change your life forever!

+ V.0.2.0
– Maximum
– Corruptions: 40%
– Knowledge: 1
– Magic Skill: 2
– Bravery: 3
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Fixed some typo.
– Added ability to Replay some scene.
– Added 2 new Momoko’s room services.
– Added 1 new Airi’s room services.
– Added Quest-line for Red Witch & Ruriko.
– Added Chizue (Local shop girl) actions.
– New Girl: Emica (Go exercise at the Park, Morning)
– New Location: Town Park.
– New Items: Rum, and Erotic Book.
– New Quest-line for Hitomu & Namie.
– New scene: Bath with Airi.
– New scene: Momoko’s masturbation in bathroom (Put something in her room)
– New scene: Airi’s drunk in her room (Give something to her)
– New scene: Airi shows boobs at work.
– New scene: Airi and Nami show boobs at work.
– New event: Momoko’s first day of school.
– New event: Meet Momoko’s rich friend.
– New event: Meet Dark Fairly.
– New event: Taka’s breastfeeding.
– New event: Queen, first appearance.
– Extended Airi’s massaging scene.
– Extended small Main-Quest story.
– Re-worked on Momoko in room render images.
– Increased working income (From 5xSpendTime to 10xSpendTime)

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