Trails of Life – Version

Date: 27.11.2018
Language: English
Censored: No

Info: What is “Trails of Life”?
I’ve been searching for quite a while for a game in which I could mess around for long time periods without having to actually progress through premade path by creator. Thus the idea of “Trails of Life” was born. It is supposed to be a highly replayable, survival, exploration, adventure, fighting player skill based game, in which you could assume control of character, male or female(currently just female), explore the world, discover hidden places, find treasure, uncover history, encounter humans, critters and monsters, fight them, H-them, or find and build your place within tribe and then defend it from members of opposing tribes.
Or if anyone in this world cannot satisfy you, go around destroying, thieving, pillaging and eFing.

[Current features]
Inventory / Trade
Hunting / Gathering
Adult content
[Planned Future features]
Character customization

NOTE: This is no way, shape, or form a Demo version, even if there is a sign in the very end.

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