Paradise Beach – New Version 0.04

Date: 13.02.2019
Language: English
Version: 0.04
Censored: No

Info: I’m creating a RPG MAKER game called Paradise Island, using vector image draws, in which you play as a young man, who during his adolescence had training in fighting, weapons, diving and survival tactics.
During this time, you have lived with your father in your grandfather’s mansion. But after the death of your father on a fishing trip, your grandfather reveals the true reason for your training, and where his fortune comes from.
You do not take this news very well, and you decide to leave that life and your grandfather, earn your life honestly as a fisher, and lead a quiet life, or at least that is your intention.
In this set of islands there are many things you can do, have fun and go out with girls, different part-time jobs. Did I mention that there are many beautiful girls?
I hope you enjoy this game, as much as I do making it.​

-Immediately after you finish the first combat mission, you are going to see the lender.
So you need a save file in which you haven’t done that mission yet. (Be sure to acquire all the briefcases).
-Camila and Claudia has new content, visit her in the minimarket.
-A small update to Sarah path.
-A bunch of bug-fixes (Missing images, switches, etc.).
-Changed the moto ride system and go to fishing scene, now you click when you want to advance, not having to wait.
-Tia, has a new impacting image haha.
-You will met a couple of new characters, but they are not developed at de moment.

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Size: 372 Mb

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Size: 372 Mb

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