Yellow Family – Version 0.2.90

Date: 15.02.2019
Language: English
Version: 0.2.90
Censored: No

Info: You live with your family in a little town called… springtown…​

-Built-in a new character portrait system that uses modular images for the characters in conversations(saves storage), also allows the images of the characters to be animated. All the character images have currently a simple animation of breathing and blink 🙂
-Added the bathroom of the parents’ room.
-Added clinic and images for the tiny new event(Breast expansion).
-Reworked some conversations to fit the new event
-Temporary removed of the tomato conversation, this will be a separate event
-The first contact with Reverend’s daughter enables the Restaurant(before was the second one)
-(Provisional)Stats/Emotions system for character relationships, currently noticeable just in sister(she can get angry)
-Added color images for: Reverend and his daughter in Church, Reverend’s daughter in Restaurant & Scientific Woman.
-Several tweaks and optimizations in code, 3D models and Scenario
-Know bugs solved, revised some animations
-Simple FPS Counter(can be activated in Settings)

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