Last Hope – New Version 2.1 + Patch

Date: 09.03.2019
Language: English
Version: 2.1
Censored: No

Info: You are the sole male aboard the star pursuer spaceship along with three woman. The ship has shut down and the only way to get it going again is for you to fill up the planet seeder (G.A.I.A) with semen. Just because you are the only guy aboard doesn’t mean the others can’t help you out, and who knows maybe they want it more than you do.​
You have two main goals in this game:
1: Build up relationships with your crew mates
This can be by interacting with them while they are doing something and by talking to them while they walk around
You can see your progress and get hints on what you should do next using the computer in your room
2:Fill the G.A.I.A
This can be done by using the vial on your desk or by interacting with the girls and reaching climax
Once you have seeder fuel you need to take it to the G.A.I.A down in the flight deck and fill it up, this will unlock new things at every 100 you reach

Quick Update for version 2 just fixing some bugs
Also added the ability to use keyboard shortcuts for all things involving the girls so one handed play is possible
Added keyboard shortcuts to Hide Dialogue Box/ Camera Change
Added FPS/ Vsync Options
Character outlines now change color to show if there are events you have missed
Green: new content available
Yellow: new content that needs to be unlocked
Red: all content seen
14 new events started
6 events updated
1 new dream
New area added “Recreation floor”
Various bug fixes

Place the NaughtyPatch.sav inside
C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local\LastHope\Saved\SaveGames!9bIRQIAQ!EWKpfzbf_9UFjPGpDLoAfbMamj6Ge8U3GPscleoww6w

Download 1

From Rapidgator

Size: 804 Mb

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Size: 804 Mb

Download 3

From Uploaded

Size: 804 Mb

Download 4

From Keepshare

Size: 804 Mb

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