Big Kuyash – New Version 0.23 + Cheat Mod

Date: 03.2019
Language: English
Version: 0.23 + Mod
Censored: No

Info: Hurry to the village of “Big Kuyash”. This fun porn story will focus on a provincial girl is about to finish school in the village of Great Kuyash. You just turned 18 and must somehow organize their lives. Do you live with a single mother and still you have a brother who has fallen down to the second most game location – city “Andreevograd”, but promised to return. The main direction of this device in a large and violent world and ways to mass, from the most simple, is selling love, to, for example, the business model followed to marry rich “daddy.” You morality and conscience of his heroine…

Chengelog 0.23:

Technical part
The private sector continues to grow, it has another house with locations and minimal features for housing. Plus now at night you can walk into the forest, but you shouldn’t be greatly deceived, as long as it is necessary to get to the edge that appeared there, in the future night opportunities will expand. A gym has appeared in the heel, now our Sonya can swing not only at home with dumbbells, but everything is not so simple there. Of course, Sonia herself is not standing still and is getting used to another skill that will be useful to her in life, her first level can be swung at home, and then she will have to work … Well, lastly Sonya can get hold of unique tsatskim, where can the young girl without them

Recreation center
Now here it will be possible not only to relax, but also to work. Immediately I can say that it will be possible to put in money here quite well, but don’t wait for a freebie, as the saying goes, “you like to ride, love to drive the sleigh”. So Sonya will have to work as it should. Here, by the way, a new skill will come in handy. At work there will be a mini system in which the movement beloved by everyone, which will not be small, will be built in, of course there will always be a choice how to behave.

Petka Fool
As it was promised a sequel was added with him, this strange dude continues to run around the district, no wonder he was nicknamed so … In order not to spoil, I’ll just say, although he is a fool, you can get a profit from him

Yakov Sergeevich
This smart fellow muzhik doesn’t have a fool, so it’s not hard to guess he can «interact’ with our Sonia. In general, everything depends on your choice whether the process will go on or not, and of course, on the characteristics of Sonya too. He has a very decent piece in terms of volume in this update, so everything is there right away. A personal card, a dwelling, a lot of things, and small buns so to speak.

Country Club
It was slightly reworked and supplemented by old random dudes, so that their events become reusable and new ones are added to them, which can also be periodically repeated. And in the club it will be possible to meet for example Leshego, after all, he, too, from the village. Only it is necessary to note such a moment that it happened Sonya must be in a relationship with him.

Below, as always, a detailed list:
– Added the continuation of events with Petka fool
– Added edge in the forest
– Added new artifact
– With it added daytime events in the forest
– With it added nightly events in the forest
– Tech. code changes
– Gym added in heel
– In the private sector added a new house
– It made all the locations and the minimum functions to live there
– GG added new skill “Cleaning”
– Added new character Yakov Sergeevich
– Added his card
– With him added events in heel
– With him added events on the street
– With him added events in the kitchen
– With it added events in the hall
– With him added events in the bedroom
– Events added during repair
– With it added events during training
– weekly events added with it
– Added a new job at the recreation center in the village
– At work added mini system
– At work added a bundle of events with clients
– Country Club
– All old random meetings in it were altered (now they are reusable)
– Added new random encounters
– Added event extension with Leshem
– With him added a few events in the club

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