A Spell For All – New Version 14.9 Beta 3 + Walkthrough (English)

Date: 03.04.2019
Language: English
Version: 14.9 Beta 3
Censored: No

Info: In the past a cult headed by the Warlock Kurndorf used the “Book of Control” to exert their domination over the town of Glenvale. Kurndorf was killed and the cult disbanded.
Since then the legendary book has become lost, but you are determined to locate it and use it’s power, either to help your family and others, or to gain the power of the spells within the book.

Characters in game:
– Yourself – can be either a male or female
– You mother and sister
– Mr Beasley the science teacher
– Sir Roland Gates the secretive and rich owner of a creepy mansion
– Monique the cute librarian
– Ms. Titus the buxom librarian
– Mrs Tess Adams the beautiful clutx
– and others

Walkthrough is included in game!
Walkthrough you can in folder “Help”.

v14.9.0 Beta 3:
Bug fixes
Better handling for image substitutions for gif/jpg, for modding/personal preferences etc
Start game changes to select theme and futa gender
Two new player avatars, Faye Reagan and Stephan
Major rearrange of image folders in the game – main Explicit folder is gone
Notes in your phone now uses tabs and other small changes
Jessica revisions to her events and new post Seance event by Northwind. Extensive scenes if you free her, some if you do not
Elian – you can survive the encounter with her and meet her later
Shower with people at home, and others can interrupt or join you, but only so often
People can dance at the strip-club once you ask Jade about it
– you can dance at the strip-club (male or female)
Amy and Charlie
– Charlie can initially be male or female
– meet and charm Charlie at the Gym (after fully charming Adele)
– transform Charlie male to female and female to male – repeatable!
– more of the story is not implemented as of 14.9, please wait for 14.9.1
Charm Nella the Bank Security Guard, 3 versions based on where you do it
– bondage play with Victoria opens up
Emily the HR staff at the Town Hall
Town control events with Mayor Thomas sometime after Emily and Officer Batton are charmed
– Nudist encounters around town after selecting the option
Vampyre Lilith changes
– Vampyre Dreaming (by Northwind)
– new model for most images, Romi Rain
– she will go swimming with you + sex scene
– she will dance at the strip club + sex scene
– scenes with Alison at her home, including lesbian and threesome
– needs to be invited in/can be told to wait outside
Ghost Keana event at the strip club and showering
Altered scene for Davy and Tina
Placeholder charm scene for Davy (male and female)
End Game changes
– you can choose to see all possible scenes
– additional pregnant scenes for Kate and Mrs Granger, Diane, Miss Beasley, Didi, Catherine, Adele, Carol and Miku (only seen if Miss. Logan is bred)
– scene for Davy
– scenes for the Cult at the Church
– more scenes for your harem and others
Nina has an apartment you can visit
Louise has an apartment you can visit
Alison has an apartment you can visit
Monique minimal charm
– re-charm Monique – only at home after the minimal charm
Miss Logan has a home you can visit, here is a reason to visit her home alone

Fix for Version 14.9:

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Download 4

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