Staying With Aunt Katie – New Version 0.19

Date: 14.05.2019
Language: English
Version: 0.19
Censored: No

Info: Here’s the intro for Staying with Aunt Katie. I can’t stress enough that this is just the intro — so depending on your reading speed will probably be over in five minutes or so. It stops right before where I plan on putting the tutorial.
A couple of other things about this:
he game uses regular maps for now but I plan on eventually switching over to how Cohabitation is, with an image representing each room and tags to click on. Needing roughly four images for each room (daytime, daytime with Katie in it, nighttime, and nighttime with Katie in it) is time consuming due to having to render them. Hopefully, by the time I upload the first real version of the game, they’ll be done.

– Fully nude grope & masturbate onto reward. To see this you must have already done the affection kissing event and have your scholastic improvement to 28 or above. Once those requirements are met the event should trigger automatically during the Afternoon period in Chris’ room.
– Repeat of the above. Once you’ve see the original you can do the repeat version by clicking on Chris’ bed during the Afternoon period and selecting it.
– Masturbate together. After you’ve seen the above masturbate onto event and Katie’s affection is at 20 or higher then this should trigger automatically once the Midnight period begins.
– Repeat of the above. Once you’ve seen the original you can do the repeat version by visiting Katie in her room at Midnight, clicking on her, and selecting it.
– Morning masturbate onto. After you’ve seen the above then in the mornings when Katie is in the kitchen, click on her and select to grope her. This new event will play out.
– Repeat of the above. Once you’ve seen the original then when Katie’s in the kitchen during the morning, choose to grope her and during the event you’ll get the choice to either continuing just to grope her or to masturbate.
– Changed the text size to 32. I tried to find a plugin that’d allow the player to change the text size either in-game or via an external .ini file but couldn’t find anything. So, if it’s still too small then tell me so down below and I’ll up it even more. I ran through a few events with the next text size and they seem to work but it might still have broken something somewhere, so if anyone notices any problems with it just report them below and I’ll try to fix them.
– Went back through some of the old events and added a message telling the player about the various stat changes caused by the event.

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