Ionian Corps – New Version 0.1701

Date: 18.05.2019
Language: English
Version: 0.1701
Censored: No

Info: Noxus has had a sudden rise in military might and all factions have been at war because of Noxus’ insatiable hunger for conquest and territorial expansion.
Because of Noxus’ military power being too great all the other factions are losing. Everyone’s decided to make an alliance and band together against their new common enemy. The alliance has decided to make small groups of elites to go behind the front lines of battle to bring down Noxus. Ionia has created the Ionian Corps to be the spearhead against Noxus.​

  • 4 CGs:
    2 new points of interest on the world map. There’s a beach and farm you can now go to where you’ll find 3/4 new CGs. Before you can access the CGs on the farm you’ll have to go through the SorakaxDog scene in Faramore. For 1/2 farm CGs you’ll need to speak to Xayah at camp about the events that take place on the farm. The last CG can be accessed from Evenlynn. In order to access it, however, you would have need to have helped her already. (Basically just go through Vlad’s task of helping her get funding for Inhibition. Just speak with her again and after the dialogue “I’ll see you around, my little fox” it should be available.)
  • Camp Supplies: Now visible at all times, however can only be used on the world map. If you find yourself missing them just head on over to Stark and there should be a girl in front of the Inn that would be happy to give you some.
    I think that’s all for this update. Again it’s only side content. Some of it can only be accessed if you have Akali, because it’s basically meant for Akali…
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