Clockwork Poison – New Version 0.5

Date: 30.06.2019
Language: English
Version: 0.5
Censored: No

Info: Clockwork Poison is a 2D sandbox project that features real scenes with real models, enveloped in a truly rich plot, full of adventures, joy, anger, misery, victories, defeats, revenge and, above all, passion and lust.
You play as the only male survivor to a chemical attack over your town, and will have to disover what and who caused the disaster and, eventually, escape of the town.‚Äč

  • Added another city map with seven new locations so far
  • Added a new music track playing in the city map at night
  • Added four new characters
  • Added many new scenes for both new and already known characters
  • Added a setting to enable or disable minigames or to ask the player each time whether to play them or not (even if you haven’t ever played them). Besides the setting, player will be asked about this:
    . For new game saves, player will be asked about this at the end of the prologue
    . For already begun game saves, player will be asked about this the next time he sleeps
  • Added a text below the tasks in the TODO list that shows when they are unavailable to complete in the current version of the game
  • Fixed a bug where the MC was called by his default name (Dan) instead of by the name chosen by the player when replaying a scene from the girls list
  • Fixed another bug where the player was informed that the intelligence stat was already maxed out when he tried to raise it and it was charmness (and not intelligence) the one that was maxed out
  • Fixed another bug where the player was able to click on spots on the city map while inside the inventory or the girls screen
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