Night of Revenge – New Version 0.28 + Save (Eng+Jap)

Date: 31.07.2019
Language: English and Japanese
Version: 0.28
Censored: Yes

Info: From the maker of Bullet Requiem back in 2015.
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Size: 148 Mb

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72 responses to “Night of Revenge – New Version 0.28 + Save (Eng+Jap)”

  1. Carlos says:

    the new 0.16 version of night of revenge has already come out, if they could upgrade to it would be wonderful

  2. Carlos says:

    Look me here again, has already released version 0.17 🙂

  3. Gavlan Feel says:

    Version 1.18 is out guys! Oh yeah! Please update if possible.

  4. Gavlan Feel says:

    It seems that game has been updated to ver0.18_2 at october 10
    with difficulty rebalance and bug fixes, update if can, thanks in advance!

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, yes it seems that there is new fixed version 0.18.2 and currently i don’t have it but will try to find it soon. 🙂

  5. Gavlan Feel says:

    Version ver0.19 is out

  6. Ryu says:

    Version 0.19 is released ! Update when possible please 🙂

  7. Carlos says:

    Version 0.19 is now available 🙂

  8. Gavlan Feel says:

    Lol, this game is getting popular, nothing less to be expected from the hentai Dark Souls

  9. Ryu says:

    New version is out ! Update when possible 🙂
    Thanks !

  10. Jitaq says:

    For whatever reason the game didn’t properly translate, there’s a weird mix of minority English and majority Japanese

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, this game is still in development and i think creator is from Japan so probably full game will be in English and Japanese. For now yes it’s mix of minority English and majority Japanese, but if you need some help you can ask me. 🙂

      • Jitaq says:

        Ah, figured there was just something wrong on my end. Guess I’ll have to wait until the full game is out or something then, as there are some key parts to the game in Japanese and I can’t read it. It’s fair enough. Thanks

  11. Kira says:

    Version 0.21 is out, update please.

  12. Dracokid says:

    New version, 0.22, is out.
    Update please 🙂

  13. Carlos says:

    The new version is available. Update if possible 🙂

  14. Kira says:

    2/18 Ver0.22 re-UP, it seems v0.22 were updated with something new, if possible please upload.

  15. Fanboi says:

    I really wish we could buy/support this game it is a lot of fun…

  16. Ryu says:

    New version is out 😀

  17. Kira says:

    Hm, it seems ver0.23_1 were released today, it has a google translation. Not sure if it has any other differenses.

  18. Kira says:

    Ver0.24 is out, please update. If D-lis keep updating the same way it will take about five or six years to complete the game lol.

  19. Ryu says:

    Version 0.24 is up 😀

  20. Kira says:

    Bugfixed version ver0.24_1 is out.

  21. Fanboi says:

    Is there no way to support or buy this game?

  22. Carlos says:

    Version 0.25 is now available. Please update when you can 🙂

  23. Pete says:

    How do you leave the first level?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, i think that you usually needs to find elevator to new levels and a way to activate them but i don’t have walkthrough for this game sadly. 🙂

  24. bott says:

    0.26 is up

  25. jayes says:

    Version 0.26 is now available 🙂

  26. Gas says:

    How you get out of the church?

  27. Kira says:

    Ver0.27 is out, please update.

  28. Ryu says:

    Version 0.27 is up! This should be a good update 😀

  29. Carlos says:

    Version 0.27 is available. Update when you can 🙂

  30. TheNumberJ says:

    Version 0.27 is now available

  31. boqqq says:

    0.27 is up

  32. Kira says:

    Version 0.28 is released, please update when possible.

  33. bott says:

    0.28 is up

  34. debil says:

    0.28 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Concerned Hentai Activist says:

      IS there anyway to see what is in the diff ver like patch notes? I found that the web page for the dev is in another langue and I couldn’t find a way to support the guy XD

      • miladmin says:

        Here is some change-log which i found and about support you can do it only via Japanese version of patreon

        7/31 Ver0.28の主な変更点


        Bug Fixed


        Added last area’s entrance.

        Add items, if you can’t get items from chest, please message or tweet me.



        Add bull head demon
        Slaves and vagabond will drop lock pick.

        Add Gameover scene in “橋街区、見せしめの入り口”

        Add “黒い汚塊1” and “黒い汚塊2” ‘s birth scenes, different with slime’s birth scenes.

        You can use ESC+5 and ESC+6 to birth scene. 5 is slime, 6 is 黒い汚塊.


        Might add birth progress will make speed down debuff.


        ・新武器 無銘 湾れ刃(のたれば)を追加。
        ・新武器 牛頭の鎚大刀を追加。
        Add new weapon “無銘 湾れ刃(のたれば)”
        Add new weapon “牛頭の鎚大刀”

        無銘 湾れ刃はスラムにあります。
        無銘 湾れ刃は異質強化をするとロマン武器へと変貌します、また納刀時にも狭い範囲ですが当たり判定ありです。ロマン武器、一度お試しあれ!
        You can find “無銘 湾れ刃” in スラム area
        “牛頭の鎚大刀” will drop from bull head demon.

        Add weapon upgrade reset.
        You can reset weapon upgrade level by spend some イデア



        Target on July
        Add one more birth enemy.
        Gameover scene’s finish and after added
        Bug fixed
        Working on maps
        Weapon upgrade reset

        Add new enemy and 2 new weapon

        Target on August
        Will add magic combine system
        Working on last area’s map
        Add one more H-scene

        Will add new boss

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