Angel of Innocence – New Version 0.3c

Date: 01.08.2019
Language: English
Version: 0.3c
Censored: No


You are a young, tendentious journalist, who started now at his new job. Your dream is that you want to be a sports reporter but before, you need to climb the ladder. Your first job is that you need to gain about a famous singer’s personal life. It’s not the best perspective but great possibility that you will gain a name and respect, in this profession. Here starts your adventure…
Whether do you succeed? Or it will be too much for you? To be or not to be?
These depend on you and your decisions, during the game.​

Changelog Version 0.3c:
Added two pictures (Walking with April.)
Fixed a bug (If you reject Nicolette, you can’t get a crash anymore.)
Fixed a bug after the daydreaming.


Added 181 images with ~ 10000 words
Added a Bonus Scene by free poll of Patreon.
Added a new route. (Nicolette)
Added a new character (Nelia’s manager)
Added a new feature with the hidden point system.
New Nelia is completely finished on the Day 1 (Photo session, Locker Room and Club)
Changed some codes in the previous versions (Because of that, your old save files don’t work anymore. Sorry for that, but if you don’t want to start a new game, use my save games!)
Changed the main menu image (April, who is the winner of the first poll) and the design too.
Sounds are disabled.
Day 2 morning with Sandy is fixed.
Fixed some old pictures.
Fixed other bugs.

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