Neko Paradise – New Version 0.03b

Date: 05.11.2019
Language: English
Version 0.03b
Censored: No


It is still a really early stage of the game, so there is not much content to offer yet. You can expect a complete Intro and one scene + animated Character Interface

Neko Paradise V0.03b Changelog:

-1-Implemented small time passing scenes Breakfeast and Lilybathing
-2-Implemented player wake up early scene when sleeping before night.
-3-Added new buttons.
-4-Implemented Violet shower scene. You can peak for now. (It is random day event)
-5-Implemented scene to meet Lily’s friends.
-6-Added Pet action for Lily. Yes you can pet her now and she will react.
-7-Upgraded Interface
-8-Added Day counting system
-9-Added Day times system
-10-Added Night Filter
-11-Overall Root Coding was Improved
-12-Text Fonts, Colors and so on was adapted.
-13-Fixed grammar.
-14-Fixed Bugs.
-%-Other stuff

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