Mahou Arms – Version 0.1.616

Date: 06.12.2018
Language: English
Version: 0.1.616
Censored: No

Info: Mahou Arms is a game where you deploy a squad of magical girls to repel an invasion of magical aliens. It is a hack and slash action game with base building and dating sim elements. You play the role of the commander of GARDA, an organization formed by the UN to reclaim earth’s major cities. When the girls return from missions, you will have to plan out your next set of actions in GARDA HQ. As GARDA returns parts of the planet back under human control, various things will happen. Your base will grow bigger. Relationship events will be unlocked. You’ll gain access to additional support items. The girls will get stronger, unlocking more abilities. The story of Mahou Arms will progress. Eventually, you’ll reach points where you can recruit the next magical girl for the team.

Changes since last Bleeding build:
Camera code overhaul
Autocamera mode (activated on camera reset and after a while of running around without input)
New Lockon Behavior (Instructions in Inputs Doc)
Huge CPU performance optimizations for characters & enemies
Inventory system
Quests system (currently unused in this build)
Item chests
Enemy Item Drops
New hit effects
Combat adjustments
AI adjustments
Balance adjustments
Changes since last Public build:
All of the above
Transformation System
Story Mission 01 + Turret Enemy
Gallery Mode (WIP) (Uncensored builds only)
New HScene in Gallery (Uncensored builds only)
Various lighting tweaks
Known Issues:
Healing with items doesn’t show the HP bar in menus
Healing doesn’t automatically cap when the player’s health is full
Healing shows damage particle effect
Hair physics are a little broken. In the process of adding an accessory system at the moment, so this will be fixed after that.

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