Lab Rats 2: Down to Business – New Version 0.23.1

Date: 08.12.2019
Language: English
Version: 0.23.1
Censored: No

Lab Rats 2 is set shortly after the events of the Lab Rats 1, but will not require any knowledge of it to enjoy. The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system.

Version 0.23.1:
– Added player facing sex records to detailed person info screen.
– Introduced energy. Energy is used for various daily actions, as well as during most positions while having sex.
– Rewrote sex system. Each position now costs both parties energy, with the amount of energy varying depending on what is being done.
– Removed stamina. Events and actions that previously required stamina now use energy instead.
– Added ability to increase max energy by spending experience. Each point of experience spent increase max energy by 20, up to 200.
– Sleeping at the end of the day restores 80 energy, and each time unit passed restores 20. Waiting around instead of working restores 30.
– Cumming no longer ends an encounter with a girl. Instead, you will reset to 0 arousal and “soft” until you reach 10 arousal.
– Updated postions to know which ones need the main character to be hard.
– Just having sex no longer makes a girl more slutty. Instead, climaxing while performing a slutty position causes a girl to gain sluttiness.
– Male orgasms now increase a girls obedience.
– Female orgasms give bonus obedience if the girl was ordered to do the position in the first place.
– Updated all positions that relied on the main character climaxing or causing a girl to climax to play nicely with the new system.
– Added new handjob position, girl controlled.
– Added new titfuck position.
– Added new cunallingus position.
– Added pubic hair. There are now 5 different styles in the game, all appropriately shaded for the hair colour of the girl.
– Added new virgin killer sweater clothing item.
– Added new string panties clothing item.
– Added new strappy bra clothing item.
– Added new strappy panties clothing item.
– Added new serum side effect: accidental sedative reduces maximum energy of recipent for the duration
– Added new serum side effect: slow release sedative reduces energy recovery of the recipient for the duration.
– Added new serum trait: Caffine infusion increases the recipients max energy for the duration of the effect, but lowers obedience.
– Added new serum trait: Refined Stimulants increases the recipient max energy for the duration of the effect.
– Added new serum trait: Libedo Stimulant increases the recipients max energy as well as providing a boost to sluttiness for the duration.
– Chatting with someone now costs energy instead of advancing time.
– Updated message for employe performance review when the employee has been too recently hired, vs. too recently reviewed.
– Added ability to move groups of 5 or all serum while trading serum between inventories.
– Added several new outfits using the new clothing items.
– Relaxed trigger for one of Gabrielle’s storyline event when caught in Lily’s room.
– Added support for random events that take place when you enter a space or talk to a person. These events are generated and remain valid for a number of turns before expiring if not triggered.
– Updated inheritance behaviour of several functions.
– Changed implementaiton of pre-existing “ask for a new title” event to use the new limited time event system instead of having a unique implementation.
– Added new random event for Lily when entering her room.
– Added new random event when entering Lily or Mom’s room.
– Added new random event when entering the kitchen with Mom in it.
– Fixed several alignment issues with main choice screen and person info HUD.
– Corrected incorrect function calls during one of Lily’s storyline events.
– Fixed incorrect names in several cousin storyline events.
– Fixed girlfriend breakup action leading to the wrong event.
– Fixed doggy style anal from calling the incorrect vaginal doggy descriptions.
– Slutty girls no longer pay you when they strip for you.
– Fixed prostite not being correctly passed to the sex ssytem when you hire one downtown.
– Fixed daily serum out-of-stock reports showing the incorrect serum.
– Fixed crash caused by attempted log reporting for unmet characters who lacked a title.
– Fixed girls forming relationships with themselves.
– Fixed possible crashes caused by unmet characters pushing stat update reports to the main character’s hud.
– Corrected Rebecca’s blackmail event requirement so the event can properly trigger.

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