Kung-Fu Girl – Full Game + Cheats (Uncensored Edition)

Date: 18.04.2020
Language: English, Japanese
Version: 1.04
Censored: No

Info: The 3rd simple erotic side-scrolling Flash action game
Interspecies sex galore!

  • 32 different animations with 16 different enemies!
  • 1 game over screen
  • 1 masturbation animation

Clearing all 6 stages gives access to gallery mode,
Hell mode, stage select, debug mode, and more!

Gallery Mode Open: 2525
No Damage: 7777
Bom Infinity: 5963

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One response to “Kung-Fu Girl – Full Game + Cheats (Uncensored Edition)”

  1. Ratin' Games says:

    Ah koooonsoft, one of my fave developers when I was younger. They actually started (to my knowledge) the whole side-scrawling, “don’t get hit or they’ll fuck you”, genre waaaay back when with “Demon Girl”. Unfortunately, it seems that this old dog doesn’t know any new tricks. If this is your first “___ Girl” game, it’s a blast, lots of fun hentai experiences to be had. If you’ve played any other of these games, you’re going to see lots of reused ideas, enemies, and themes, to the point you’ll wonder if this is even a new game or a dlc…

    ~avoiding enemies is always a risk/reward due to their fast spawns and is always fun
    ~enimies have 2 animations each, and the ability to gang bang our heroine
    ~as always the art style is beautiful

    ~its the same game as witch girl and shinobi girl before that. Even the enemies are the same (redrawn to be updated graphically). The game is the same as all the old releases, and does nothing to improve the formula. Lots of other games have taken the formula and run wild with it, getting games like Night of Revenge and Alien Eve for example. It’s like the developers have gotten bored or out of ideas.
    ~you can change the colour of your girl. Her clothes, hair, everything. Yay(!)
    ~no new game plus or “secret endings” like every other game in this series. And don’t get your hopes up for a dlc, as the developers have already moved on to other projects, perhaps sensing that something new is needed.

    Overall: Not reccomened, if you have played any other game in this series.

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