Transfigure – Version 0.968

Date: 16 May 2020
Language: English
Version: 0.968
Censored: No

Info: The main plot focuses on Taylor’s quest to find out what the heck happened to him while finding a way to return to his original body. How seriously he takes the mission is up to you. There is a lot going on in the background and so it will probably take multiple play throughs to unravel the main story and meet all of the characters. Each of the in game romances are unique and have wildly different themes and relationship dynamics and motivators and they each will have several different ends…


Transfigure .96 15.6k words (includes the 95 bonus)
Taylor is coaxed by her alternate mother to embrace her inner cuteness. Spy Taylor learns of Plan Groundwork! + another new shocking ending!
-added end # 37 on Ariana’s spy route – A new enemy is revealed!
-added a new mostly non-sex focused path and ending #20 in the Bloomverse section with Marg Roux (Thanks Director Rin for sponsoring this route!) (10, 600 words)

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