Virtues – New Version 0.6b

Date: 18.05.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.6b
Censored: No

Info: You will play as a young capable college student who was spoiled by his super-rich father. After your father got into trouble, you suddenly lost all your income sources. How will you survive in this city alone by yourself? Will this be a nightmare or a nirvana?​

What’s new in the game in version 0.6b:
Main Systemic improvements:
– New mechanic: Girl’s attributes
After your relationships with girls improved from “general” to “girlfriend”&”sex partner”, their attributes will show up in their panels. You can level them up and trigger the corresponding plots by raising girls’ love points as you did before.
– Replaced girls’ “lust point” with a new system: “Harem acceptance”
All the plots & events that have more than just one girl in will now raise the H.A points of those girls, for example, the event of the MC patting Irene, Vera, and Uno’s heads in v0.5 will now raise the H.A points for Irene, Vera, and Uno.
New plots will be unlocked when the H.A points of certain girls are high enough (won’t be in v0.6 since I am too busy working at Elisa and Uno’s storyline). And in the future, when all the girls’ H.A points are high, you will be able to get into the harem route.
– Added a new original song in the game
It is implemented as the main menu’s background music. There will be more original music & sound effects in the future.
– New location: Beach
What’s new in the game:
– Vera, Irene, Elisa, Uno will have new plots. And you can now improve your relationship with Uno.
– 21 new short events with 60 new pictures.
– 22 New main story events & plots with 524 new pictures. 421 in the previous update.
– 12 New animated scenes. 9 in the previous update.
– Reworked 27 old pictures.
– Reworked the “drunk forced” scene with Vera.

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