Foot Of The Mountains – New Version 12

Date: 19.06.2020
Language: English
Version: 12
Censored: No

Info: You play as Daniel , who returned home to find his parents murdered… Not knowing how to handle the situation, he decided to accept the invitation of William, the partner of his father, and thought it’s best for him to move and live with them temporarily, until the investigation is done. Unbeknownst to him, moving will lead him closer to finding out the clues of the murder, and maybe finding the love of his life…​

Introduction of Paul cousin .
Paul mom.
Melinda toilet after jogging.
Short but important night out with Melinda, unlocks new images on pool at daytime.
New Ann prank, and after the prank a night out with Ann.
Makeup room event with Melinda.
Additional pool scenes with Melinda.
Additional choice with Ann on pool, β€œalmost” caught by Melinda.
Linda new animation in clinic.
Rhonda new scenes in the morning, and a new start of event for next versions.
And few other scenes for you to discover.

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38 responses to “Foot Of The Mountains – New Version 12”

  1. rida says:

    hi thanks should see sexe scene between melinda and daniels

  2. Gamelover69 says:

    Game quits after taking jeans off in bathroom after picking apples with Melinda. Is it because the latest version is still a Beta Version? Plus too much grind in the game to get anywhere.

  3. rida says:

    Can you explain about new in this version thanks

  4. damascinos says:

    hello do you have any mega link please?

  5. rida says:

    Any news about next version appears thank and how unlock the panties red in massage tennis it demand stuff?

    • miladmin says:

      Well next version will be out probably next month but i don’t know when, and about second question i don’t know really, if someone can help that will be great. πŸ™‚

  6. rida says:

    Can someone donate for have pics of next version to see what new ?

  7. er3a says:

    7.0 is out

  8. Carl says:

    7,0 is out on patreon

  9. dasknael says:

    I can’t enter in the bathroom, on day two. I’m stuck in front of the door, but I don’t see how to enter. Is
    it a bug?

    Thank you

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, i am not sure if it’s a bug but creator said that new version will be “mid July or end of July” so there it will be fixed. πŸ™‚

  10. rida says:

    When the v7 appears please?

  11. damascinos says:

    thanks for the new version any mega link for this one if you have?

  12. Jerry Cotten says:

    Peeking on Ronda disappeared

  13. Mickey says:

    Version 7.0 is not working at all it shows an uncaught exception occurred can’t open game

  14. Brisco94 says:

    i Looking for the Serial number for login

  15. red says:

    I finished up to the arrival of cynthia on v8. I skipped to the next day and she didnt arrive. Any guesses?

  16. Red says:

    I’m trying to delete my saves to restart the game because it appears to be stuck in like v7 and won’t let me access anything new. When I delete all of the files, including the save files, the old save files are still there. I’ve deleted every fotm file from my computer and it’s still there. How do I clean the old save files out?

  17. Blackshadow says:

    Can someone pass me the new version 9.9 full link?

  18. malase says:

    mega link psl

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