Ataegina – New Version 0.4.1

Date: 22.06.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.4.1
Censored: No

Info: You live in a world of magic and war, where many factions with different races, religions, politics etc, exist. You will take the role of a student of magic, you will learn spells, history etc… Will you use your skills for the sake of good? Maybe you’ll let evil seduce you? Or you just don’t care with such things?

Continuation of the story (Good and Evil Paths mostly, but there are also changes to the Neutral, best results if you play it again from a v0.3.9 save game)
140+ new images
New combat mechanics and balancing
New spells and abilities (random multiple turn effects like burn/stun/fear/freeze etc…)
Added (Skip battle and Skip turn) to the combat system
Bug fixes

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2 responses to “Ataegina – New Version 0.4.1”

  1. lee says:

    Just started the game, there is a guy keep popping up at the bottom left whenever the conversation is ongoing. there anyway to remove that?

    • miladmin says:

      Hmm, if creator added this i think it is impossible to remove that, i mean you can try to remove it but it can cause some bugs in game.

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