Naruto: Eternal Tsukuyomi – New Version 0.06

Date: 30.06.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.06
Censored: No

Info: The game will have more than 50 characters with whom you can meet and chat, for which you can play. In addition, as the game develops, polls will be conducted and characters that the public wants will be introduced. More than 30 unique locations, a map of the shinobi world, where you can visit any part of it. You can literally get around the entire shinobi world! But we are not limited to the usual life of the shinobi, with its difficulties and dangers, our game will slightly open its other side, more sweet and forbidden!‚Äč

Update 0.06:
– Added Intro at the beginning of the game.
– Added an assistant in the game ( Chibi Kurama )
– Changed the interface in locations (mini map and Chibi Kurama )
– Uprashen quest with a scroll in the future ( added-cheat )
– In the quest book about quests added characters from which the quest is taken
– Fixed cells in the character Deidara (now they are the right size )
– Completed the quest “the Technique Minato”
– Added Intro to the continuation of the quest ” Minato Technique”
– Fixed animation of 18+ scenes ( where there were large freezes and frames were blurred )
– Now you can see closed locations. ( added locks )
– Finished the quest with the lost photo. ( tennis court )
– Added 18+ scene-Sakura Masturbation ( in the future) (animation )
– Added 18 + scene-Sakura + Sasuke ( in the future) (animation )
– Added three 18+ scenes – with the Uzumaki family ( future/present) (photos-not animation )
– Added a new Sex shop
– Added a new location TsUMe house (+yard )
– Added a new location Sakura house ( future )
– Added a courtyard for the Uzumaki house location
– Added 18+ scene with TsUMe ( not animation )
– Added cheating in tennis (+simplified )
– Teleportation scroll to the future added ( but can’t be used yet )
– Slightly reduced weight of the game. ( I will try to compress it again in the future )

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