Warlock and Boobs – New Version 0.335.6

Date: 12.07.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.335.6
Censored: No

Info: Krowley always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!

What s new:
Stoner elf now is a proper character. He got a name (Leaf), illustration, house, job, updated dialogue and bright future. Also he is selling mushrooms instead of Rose now.
Help Rose by testing her potions. During the day, once per day. 5 possible effects (some are for busty Krowly).
Possibility to meet Mabel during the hunt.
The hunt event with wine merchant being attacked by the butt bandits.
Jaina, Eric and Rose got new skills.
Shield bash – for Eric and Jaina, only if the shield is equiped. Deals demage and 70% chance to stun.
Precise hit – for Jaina. This attack ignores armor
Dirty move – for Jaina. Jaina throws dirt into enemy face to temporary blind it.
Jump attack – for Jaina. Strong attack but makes Jaina’s defence lower, temorary.
Kick – for Jaina. Deals less demage but adds agility debuff. This skill cost 0 TP.
Mighty slash – for Eric, only if the mighty sword is equiped. Strong attack.
Call to battle – for Eric. Adds buff to the party’s attacks for 5 turns.
Sticky potion – for Rose. Adds agility debuff and makes the target very vulnerable to freezing.
It wont work in the old saves by default, but you can update your Eric, Jaina and Rose in the cheat room (it will also destroy all the equipment you gave them, so make a note of it.)
Now you can give Eric, Jaina or Rose a glass of beer, minotaur milk or futa elf sperm or other drink and see their reaction.
Works for:
Goblin ale
Elven futa sperm
Elven milk
Minotaur sperm
Minotaur milk
New scenes:
Krowly fucks trap monster
Sex with Derek in the stable (after Taisha’s becoming his wife) by Harlekin. Talk to him when he’s fishing.
Huge dick worship scene with Juliette and Rose (it’s one of the possible effects when you are testing Rose’s potions)
New pictures:
Leaf, stoner elf +portraits
Krowly fucks trap monster
Iss titfuck scene +2 variants
Rose facial variant
Scene with Juliette and Rose +2 variants
Small things:
updated sprites for the wine merchant’s horses
a couple of comments from party members about the locations
the sperm is visible on Rose’s and Juliet’s faces
lactation now lasts 3 days
new icons for Eric’s, Jaina’s and Rose’s outfits
new sprite for Rose

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3 responses to “Warlock and Boobs – New Version 0.335.6”

  1. WinroxasFR says:

    seems interesting let see the full game

  2. colinjfrancis says:

    The game freezes once I pay the minstrel to play a tune at the Inn. Is this a bug?

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