Girl Life – Version 0.8.1 + Mod

Date: 20 July, 2020
Language: English
Version: 0.8.1 + Mod
Censored: No

Info: Based on the Russian game ЭТО by DeGross.
This game is about the simulated life of a woman containing elements of RPG, strategy, porn and magical combat. You may choose what kind of life the character will live according to your play style, conscience or even personal beliefs. There are many choices to make in this game, will you be a saint or a sinner?

– Reminder for work at salon in stat window from hornguy6
– Rework of the runner race structure from THX
– Shower dildos! And new virginity lose to them with reactions thanks to hornguy6
– add new events according to the THX”s storyline from rachels
– new masseuse content and reorganization of the salon at the St. Petersburg mall by hornguy6
– Some new surprises if you sleep on the park bench and small changes to existing event from Darcanlos
– In game variable debugger from Philo
– Phone can now receive SMS messages not that there are any yet thanks to Philo
– Code optimizations by Philo
– Computer available in cottage and more mod friendly thanks to netuttki
– Buttons for new shops from Gwen
– Added new shop for slutty swimwear removing it from the sports store by KS
– Added new shop for lingerie, moved the boutique underwear to it by KS
– Music Life by netuttki added to main game and various fixes/updates by them.
– A bit more to the Niko story line plus fixes by Violet Kitten
– Rework of gloryhole in women”s bathroom of the community centre by Iron Jack
– Bella and Albina swapped cliques to more accurate ones thanks to Violet Kitten
– File renaming to use English and more logical names to some hubs and common locations by netuttki and KS
– Journal update for nerd game night and social changes from philo
– Changes to women”s restroom in comunity centre and inner thought default style set by Iron Jack
– Rework of the Kendra scenes by nutluck with code from Violet Kitten
– Reworked Africans in uni dorm scenes by nutluck with code from Violet Kitten
– Anushka photo modelling scenes from nutluck
– Clique warnings added for when you are getting close to dropping out of them by nutluck
– pav_slut scale adjusted so all nicknames and related checks require double the points
– Clique system range extended and more subtly added by nutluck and Violet Kitten
– Appearance code rebalanced by KS, Violet Kitten, nutluck and philo
– Starting appearances and weights for school girl starts redone by nutluck, Violet Kitten and philo
– Some new clothing items from hornguy6
– New clothing items from Snegurochka with data by Gwen and formatted by KS
– New clothing items from Gwen formatted by KS
– Many changes and additions to photo studio including new fitness shoots from hornguy6
– Text edits from Vengeance11, hornguy6, philo and Iron Jack
– Bug fixes by hornguy6, Kevin Smarts, hornguy6, nutluck, sicaa, Vengeance11, pfffbft, Violet Kitten and rachels


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2 responses to “Girl Life – Version 0.8.1 + Mod”

  1. Dirk says:

    Meiner Meinung nach das beste und umfangreichste Spiel dieser Art, was mir in den letzten 2-3 Jahren über den Weg gelaufen ist…. vielen Dank dafür!!!

    google-translator ^^

    In my opinion the best and most extensive game of this kind, which I have come across in the last 2-3 years …. thank you for that !!!

  2. Kevin Smarts says:

    Thanks Dirk,
    Had no idea we were even posted here. Our home site is linked on the start page if you have any problems or questions.

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