Lesson Of Passion and Sex & Glory – Gold Collection (June 2020) + Cheats

Date: June 2020
Language: English
Censored: No
Info: The new gold collection of the best porn games from Sexandglory and Lesson of Passion + Bonus!
All games are hacked and working 100%!

June 2020:
Added [LOP GOLD] Eleanor 3: Blue Orchid [Full Game + Mod]

May 2020:
Added [REAL Love 3D] Blind Date 3D BIG BANG [v1.04]

Updated: August 2019:

Added [LOP GOLD] Eleanor 3: Blue Orchid [v1.0.2]

Updated: July 2019:
– Added [Real Love 3D] Flirting with Yasmine [v0.0.1]
– Added [Sex & Glory] Much Ado About Nothing to the unavailable list, reason: UNCRACKED
– Added [Lop GOLD] Call Girl Denise [ Fixed]- Added [Lop GOLD] Call Girl Denise
– Added [REAL Love 3D] Night With Veronica Premium [Final]
– Added Call Girl Denise to the unavailable list, reason: UNCRACKED
– Added [LOP GOLD] Seducing The Throne [v0.98] [Cheats]
– Removed [LOP GOLD] Seducing The Throne [v0.98]
– Added [LOP GOLD] Eleanor Loving Wife Or Dirty Whore [v1.01]

List of games:
[LOP GOLD] Eleanor Loving Wife Or Dirty Whore (PRE-EXPANSION VER.)
[LOP GOLD] City of Love [v1.02] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] City Of Love Ghost Of The Past [v1.97] [Expansion] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Club Velvet Rose Madame Miranda & Teri [v2.10] [Expansion]
[LOP GOLD] Club Velvet Rose[v0.98]
[LOP GOLD] Dignity One [v1.00]
[LOP GOLD] Eleanor 2 Loving Wife Or Dirty Whore [v1.21]
[LOP GOLD] Eleanor Loving Wife Or Dirty Whore – Asking for More [v1.99] [Expansion] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Hank Moody [v0.98]
[LOP GOLD] Hot Wife Story 2 [v0.99]
[LOP GOLD] Jacob’s Rebound [v0.97]
[LOP GOLD] Jacob’s Rebound Menage a Trois [v2.00] [Expansion] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Johnny Bullet [v1.00] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Jordan 500 Reloaded [v2.10] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Living With A Nympho [v1.00]
[LOP GOLD] Living with Britney [v0.99]
[LOP GOLD] Living With Britney Glamour [v3.02] [Expansion] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Living with Britney Secret Exhibitions [v2.04] [Expansion]
[LOP GOLD] Living With Serena [v1.01] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Living With Serena Forbidden Fruit [v2.09] [Expansion]
[LOP GOLD] Living With Temptation [v1.00] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Living With Temptation 2 Foreign Affairs [v0.97] [Expansion] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Living With Temptation Wife Gone Wilder [v2.00] [Expansion] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Outcast Academy Voodoo Girls [v2.01] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Seducing The Throne [v0.98]
[LOP GOLD] Sisters Teenage Family Sex Affairs [v1.01]
[LOP GOLD] Snake Valley [v1.0]
[LOP GOLD] Story of Didi Camera Business [v0.96] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Thorn-E Virtual Passion [v1.05]
[LOP GOLD] Tori 500 Dirty Business [v1.06] [Cheats]
[LOP GOLD] Trip to Paradise [v0.95] [Cheats]

[LOP BONUS] Erotic Date Gina HQ
[LOP BONUS] Alice Erection Race [v1.00 HQ]
[LOP BONUS] Die 4 Glory [v0.92]
[LOP BONUS] Divided Heart [v0.93]
[LOP BONUS] Erotic Date Margaret And Walter [v0.90]
[LOP BONUS] Erotic Date Sylvia And Nick [v0.92] [Cheats]
[LOP BONUS] Hot Wife Tara [v0.91]
[LOP BONUS] Lake Party [v1.00 HQ]
[LOP BONUS] Life Of A Teacher [v1.0]
[LOP BONUS] Looking For Love [v1.00 HQ]
[LOP BONUS] My Sex Date Eleanor [v1.00 HQ]
[LOP BONUS] Olivia, Ellie & Paul [v1.0] [Cheats]
[LOP BONUS] Party With Friends [v1.0]
[LOP BONUS] Passion One [v1.00 HQ]
[LOP BONUS] Prima Ballerina [v1.00 HQ]
[LOP BONUS] Ryan Blender Detective Agency [v1.00 HQ]
[LOP BONUS] Spy Agent 069 [v1.00 HQ]
[LOP BONUS] Stripper Pick-Up [v1.00 HQ]
[LOP BONUS] Working 4 Evil [v1.00 HQ]

[LOP FREE] Almost Noble Hero [v0.99] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Call Me Desperate [v0.92]
[LOP FREE] Camera Business [v0.95] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Casino of Passion [v0.91]
[LOP FREE] Claire The Exchange Student [v0.97]
[LOP FREE] College Romance [v1.00] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Date With Naomi [v1.01]
[LOP FREE] Detective Dick And The Secrets of Ancient Talisman [v1.2]
[LOP FREE] Die 4 Glory [v0.92] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Dirty Pictures [v0.80]
[LOP FREE] Divided Heart [v0.93] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Driving With London [v0.95]
[LOP FREE] Elven Fantasy [v0.96] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Erotic Date Margaret And Walter [v0.90]
[LOP FREE] Erotic Date Sylvia And Nick [v0.92] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Erotic Date With Gina [v0.91]
[LOP FREE] Exposing Sexy Alicia [v0.96]
[LOP FREE] Farm Stories [v0.90] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Get Me Pregnant [v0.90]
[LOP FREE] High School Romance [v1.00]
[LOP FREE] Hot Wife Story [v0.96]
[LOP FREE] Hot Wife Tara [v0.91]
[LOP FREE] I Love Laura [v1.01]
[LOP FREE] Jordan 500 Stories [v1.1]
[LOP FREE] Kim The Cheating Wife [v0.96]
[LOP FREE] Kitsumi The Cheating Wife [v1.10]
[LOP FREE] Lake Party [v0.96]
[LOP FREE] Lesbian Fashion [v1.00]
[LOP FREE] Lesson of Passion 2 Black Edition Platinum Release [v2.01] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Living With Lana [v1.00]
[LOP FREE] Living With Sasha [v1.11] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Looking For Love [v0.94] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Moonlust The First Bite [v1.00]
[LOP FREE] My Girl Is A Model [v0.97] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] My Sex Date Eleanor [v0.92]
[LOP FREE] My Sex Date Emily [v1.01]
[LOP FREE] My Sex Date Megan [v0.90]
[LOP FREE] My Sex Date Paula [v0.98]
[LOP FREE] Nicole Meets Roxy [v1.02]
[LOP FREE] Night With Angelica [v1.0]
[LOP FREE] Nite With Kelly [v0.95]
[LOP FREE] Olga 20 Dollars Girl [v0.93]
[LOP FREE] Passion Hotel [v1.04]
[LOP FREE] Passionate Moments Business Trip [v1.10]
[LOP FREE] Passionate Moments Teacher’s Pet [v1.01]
[LOP FREE] Peyton And Avery [v0.91] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Real Estate Agent [v0.86] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Rob The Unfaithful [v1.11]
[LOP FREE] Ryan Blender Detective Agency [v0.97]
[LOP FREE] Secrets of Heaven [v0.92] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Sexizu Sylvia [v1.0]
[LOP FREE] Shelly The Escort Girl [v0.92]
[LOP FREE] Spy Agent 069 [v0.97]
[LOP FREE] Stripper Pick-Up [v1.10] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] Teen Fangbangers [v0.90]
[LOP FREE] The Agency [v1.30]
[LOP FREE] The Bitcher [v1.00] [Cheats]
[LOP FREE] The Heist [v0.93]
[LOP FREE] The Pussylight Saga Sexmoon [v1.03]
[LOP FREE] Thorn-E [v0.97]
[LOP FREE] Tori 500 Lesbian Passion [v1.53]
[LOP FREE] Tori 500 Top Model [v2.02]
[LOP FREE] Venona Project Episode 1 [v1.02]
[LOP FREE] Venona Project Episode 2 [v1.03]
[LOP FREE] Weekend With Bradley’s [v1.0]
[LOP FREE] Working 4 Evil [v0.96]
[LOP FREE] Xmas 2014 [v1.00]
[LOP FREE] Zoe And Vince [v1.00]

[Sex & Glory] 7 Day
[Sex & Glory] 13Rooms
[Sex & Glory] Abyss The Rise Of Chtulhu
[Sex & Glory] Arkham The Dark Legacy
[Sex & Glory] Bounty Hunter
[Sex & Glory] Camgirl Confessions
[Sex & Glory] Cherubim
[Sex & Glory] Girl With Tattoos
[Sex & Glory] House Party
[Sex & Glory] Jade Dildo
[Sex & Glory] Medusa’s Curse
[Sex & Glory] Mysterious Island
[Sex & Glory] Roommates
[Sex & Glory] Roommates Evening With Lina
[Sex & Glory] Sensual Alchemist
[Sex & Glory] Sensual Haunting
[REALLOVE3D] Blind Date 3D BIG BANG [v1.03]

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53 responses to “Lesson Of Passion and Sex & Glory – Gold Collection (June 2020) + Cheats”

  1. Junna Cena says:

    Is there any way for this to be posted on google drive or something? It is very difficult to use the sites that you have posted to download these

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, do you want some game from this collection or full collection? I have some MEGA links but google drive i don’t have sadly.

      • Buthos says:

        It would be amazing if you could post some of them.

        • miladmin says:

          Hello, there are many games so do you have some game wish which you want to play? And there are actually some games on site just write “Lesson of Passion” in search. πŸ™‚

  2. Malsa says:

    hey could you give me the mega link? my email is [email protected] thanks

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, sadly this isn’t my upload so i don’t have MEGA link, one guy works also on my site and he posts games 2-3 time per week. If you need some specific game from Lesson of Passion you can write and i will try to find fast links for them. πŸ™‚

  3. Gsquad says:

    Hello, at first: THANK YOU!

    This is a big collection. It’s truly amazing. I hope you will get also the games from 2019. This would be pretty impressive.

    I have problem with one game: Snake Valley – The background is always a big red Question Mark (“?”) and i can only see the surface, where stats are shown the People in the game. But no background picture.
    What could it be ?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello friend, you’re welcome. πŸ™‚
      About this collection, it’s actually a post from one trusted uploader who works on my site so i will ask him now and will let you know asap. πŸ™‚

    • DensmenX says:

      Unfortunately, I do not know how to fix it. I have already deleted this collection from my computer and I can not watch. But soon there will be an updated collection and I will pay attention to this game.

  4. ZenOm says:

    how do i play these games? I downloaded all of them but i only see Java script file,CSSD file, php file, html file.

    How do I proceed from here?

    • ZenOm says:

      Additional Info: After I click on the firefox html file, it open in browser but a white blank dialog box open up with only one “ok” button. do I need to download anything else?

      • miladmin says:

        Hello, this collection is posted by my friend so i will ask him now and he will reply you soon. πŸ™‚

        • ZenOm says:

          ok thanks for the fast reply. I appreciate it:). i will describe some further info in case your friend needs it.

          I click on the play_medusa(medusa curse game)”firefox html document” then it lead to a dark grey blank screen in my FF browser with only the blank dialogue box with a “ok” so I’m not sure what it is about.

          there is a mini loading bar that reaches 100% behind the dialogue box.

          after I click the “ok” on the blank dialogue box, the loading bar disappear while the grey blank page remains with a very small rectangle appear in the middle of the screen.

          then I can hear the sountrack of the game like in the loading screen but there is nowhere to click cause the page is blank. i tested it by opening the other games. same thing happen but the soundtrack differ each time so I guess it really is the loading screen sountrack from each game. but no visual

          I’m not too good at tech so I’m quite stunned on it haha. at first i wondered if it is that i never run adobe flash since by default the browser after version 69 stop running flash unless the user click yes on the prompt. but the sound did appear and there is no prompt for me to run adobe so I’m not sure if it is the problem:(

          thanks for putting up the collection anyway. I appreciate the effort still.

  5. DensmenX says:

    You need to run the file with the permission “SWF”, and not the “firefox html document” and the game will start in any player. In my case, by default, it starts in the “Pot player”.

    • ZenOm says:

      hi, where can I find the SWF file? i didn’t see any file with that extension inside the folders..

      • DensmenX says:

        I understood you. You talk about games from Sex & Glory.
        Some Sex & Glory games may require Palemoon browser if they don’t run in your own browsers.
        Palemoon browser present in the folder β€œTools”

        P.s. This is written in a text file β€œInformation”. Please Read the instructions before asking questions.

        • ZenOm says:

          I read. I never said you don’t understand me or any misunderstanding regarding what games I was talking about.
          my second question/comment is not regarding the browser or tools or ask you why swf is necessary.
          instruction said use flash 30 or palemoon browser. also uses swf file, like you said in your comment above as well.
          i just plainly ask where can I find it because i know I need to use it but yet I didn’t see it. maybe I miss somewhere in the folders I not sure so I ask you.

  6. ZenOm says:

    miladmin, erm I’m not sure why i don’t see the reply button so I just add another comment. I still have no idea how to start with the games, I not sure if it is a technical error or I just too blur to know the correct steps haha.

    am I suppose to find the swf file in the respective folders then open them with flash or palemoon browser?

    or i should start up palemoon browser/flash then open the swf files from there? when I click on the “start” of palemoon browser, it says “Palemoom\Start.ini does not exist.”

    i assume the swf files are those files with that extension but I can’t seem to find them still

    • miladmin says:


      About Palemoon find file like in this pic and it should works – https://funkyimg.com/i/2YEXo.jpg
      I think that only some games will need this Palemoon but most of the games you can run via Flash – And for example it’s best to open flash first and then click file/open and find folder where games are and then run game which you want.
      Tell me if now you can run games. πŸ™‚

      • ZenOm says:

        Thanks for the assist. I can now run Palemoon browser. As for the games, i tried opening the file using flash but I could not find any swf files that i can open. It is the same for other games.


        if i search in windows explorer, there are only the following

        which files should I open?

        • miladmin says:

          Hello, well try to open file in Internet Explorer, this play_medusa and tell me if it works for you. I know that it’s slow browser but sometimes it’s useful. πŸ™‚

          • ZenOm says:

            so sorry for the late reply, was busy with something and I forgot. for now internet explorer can’t open the file. but it’s ok. sorry to trouble you so far. I just keep on trying and if it can work I will update you. thanks.

  7. M.S. says:

    Hello, Do you have any updates regarding new LOP Gold games published lately.

  8. Axel says:

    Eleanor 3 is not hacked…….😞

  9. sjo081 says:

    Hi! Anu updates on these titles? Vampire Stories, Office Romance, Bounty Hunter?
    Thanks for your efforts

  10. Naizsbxh says:

    For those having the problem like a blank alert box and then just a rectangular box in the middle ( loading animation), I had the same problem with sex&glory Roommates and it didn’t occur in Palemoon browser.

  11. morphy says:

    there are some expansions for Eleanor 3
    one is released
    and another one is upcoming
    can u add them too ?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, sadly this games have DRM protection and nobody cracked it yet so i am not sure when it will be available.

  12. nong says:

    hello it is very hard to download the games from your link because they are all download seperately and each take 4 hours due to slow speed can you send me a torrent link or anything sir?

  13. Chris says:

    Hello miladmin, first of all a big thank you ! can we expect lopgoldnew games like serbian casino or under the black banner in the near future ?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello Chris, i am not sure about this because this depends on Lesson of Passion Studio, because their games have some kind of DRM and it’s impossible to crack currently. But i hope that we will be able to play their awesome games in future. If it will be leaked anywhere on internet it will be immediately on this site. πŸ™‚

  14. naruto says:

    Hello i’m new to this and am stuck at loading screen in some of S&G games. Please help me out ?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, here are info which i have:
      1- Extract to desired location.
      2- Tools required for .swf and some S&G games can be found here. https://mega.nz/file/tX5gDIZA#xSf-keV0I8nYfc8pb196EHIpOSMrJtfWTVVzRiBjIbw
      3- Click on “Information.txt” for information.

      Tell me if you still have problem, i am not uploader for this collection, so i will need to ask my friend for this. πŸ™‚

      • naruto says:

        Hello, thank you for the feedback miladmin. S&G games does not have any .swf files and only .html files are there to run the game. When i open .html files in palemoon browser (as instructed in information.txt) i get a blank dialog box with “OK” button. After pressing it, the game sound starts but the game gets stucked in loading screen. So, can you please ask the uploader how to get past this problem ?. Thank you again πŸ™‚

        • miladmin says:

          Hello, sure i will ask him now so you will get answer as soon as possible. πŸ™‚

          • miladmin says:

            Hello again, my friend told me that he already wrote in previous comments what he knows about this problem. His nickname is Dens so you can check it.
            Also if it’s possible try to open html file in Internet Explorer or some other browser, i usually use them for Lesson and Passion games. πŸ™‚

  15. naruto says:

    Thank you for feedback miladmin! will revert back if stuck anywhere:)

  16. BloodWolf14 says:

    Does anyone know from what game the 14th picture is? I’m not really looking to play all of these games but rather some that might interest me and that one seems like fun πŸ˜‰

  17. Seeder33 says:

    Hello, can you add the new version of Seducing the Throne : More magic, more mushrooms ?
    Thanks for the effort

  18. ChillerE24 says:

    Hey, do these games work on mac?

  19. R.S says:

    man ur site rocks …
    Just upload the Links on Mega or Google Drive PLZ… These sites are such pain to download from
    And Plz can u send me the Mega\Google Drive Links….

    • miladmin says:

      Hey mate, thank you for the kind words. πŸ™‚
      Sure i have my second site where you can download games via MEGA etc. Feel free to visit it and enjoy! πŸ™‚

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