Braveheart Academy – New Version 1.7

Date: 31.07.2020
Language: English
Version: 1.7
Censored: No
Size: 706 mb (Compressed)

Info: You’re a college student enrolling in the prestigious International Braveheart Academy. You’re able to pick your starting stats that suit your character the most!
There’s also the ability to pick the year you’ll be starting, causing you to have different classmates and different homeroom teachers!
Although you can meet every girl in the game even from other classes, the ones from your class will always appear more.
Its core gameplay will be you, the main player interacting with characters to get to know them better.
You’d have regular encounters and those encounters as I said will have questions, answer correctly and that affection with that character will rise faster!
You’ll have longer and more meaningful encounters called Special Encounters in which you would have to at least get right more than 50% of the questions.
Then as you grow the relationship by getting to know them, you’ll find that Special Encounter! Those feature a sliding puzzle minigame!
You have to complete it under a set amount of time.
These encounters are bigger and have a significant impact relationship wise.
The puzzles would get progressively harder from 3×3 to 4×4 and even 5×5!
The game is going to have stats that you can improve so you can complete puzzles easier and better!

Beta 1.7 Patch Notes:
New/Updated Content!
– New Location Added!(Beach)
– Skipping time animation reworked!
(Now tells you the time of the day you’re going to)
(And when you sleep it now tells you what day it is)
– Hisako model fully reworked!
(Hisako got the visual update she needed, the skin is now 4K and her hair is now true to the original.)
– Hisako’s Intro entirelly redone!
(With a new extra animation when checking her out! 😉
– Updated and tweaked the Meet N’ Yeet ad popup.
(Has a 1 in 5 chances of appearing per day, also includes hisako’s new model.)
– Finishing an event automatically advanced the day.
– New Lower Class Event!
(You’ll start without a phone for the first couple of days and will be given one by Hisako herself!)
– Encounter Formula tweaked!
(EncounterFormulaBase 25% -> EncounterFormulaBase 35%)
[Which means each character starts with a 35% chance of appearing or in other words, roughly a 1/3 chance.]
– Meet N Yeet error messages!
(Only available on weekends & cannot use again in the same day.)
– 4 New Timed Events!
Raven Birthday Event
[3rd Of April]
(New +34 Renders)
Lyra Birthday Event!
[24th Of March]
(New +21 Renders)
Raven Sexual Event – Wet Leak!
[14th Of April]
(New +27 Renders 8 of them are Animations!)
Lyra Sexual Event – Emergency Timber!
[29th Of March]
(New +29 Renders 11 of them are Animations!)
New CG Content!
– Himiko Toga added to Meet N’ Yeet
(New +95 Renders 46 of them are Animations!)
– Wuhan Bianfu added to Meet N’ Yeet
(New +45 Renders 19 of them are Animations!)
– Azalea Blackwell added to Meet N’ Yeet
(New +62 Renders 28 of them are Animations!)
– Johanna Bieger added to Meet N’ Yeet
(New +45 Renders 29 of them are Animations!)
– Raven has 6+ new Encounters!
(New +278 Renders, 105 of them Animations!)
[A lot of sexual content. A lot of Sex. A lot of Animations. Have fun.]
– Lyra has 5+ new Encounters!
(New +203 Renders, 90 of them Animations!)
[A lot of sexual content. A lot of Sex. A lot of Animations. Have fun.]
– Fixed several grammatical issues.

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