MIST – New Version 0.3.2

Date: 25.07.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.3.2
Censored: No


You want nothing more than to relax at your late grandfather’s old mountain hut, when you are suddenly surrounded
by a thick unnatural fog. To make it worse, dangerous monsters lurk in the woods and make survival difficult.
But there is a glimmer of hope. A girl that was able to flee and now lives with you.
You forge a pact to help her out in return for special “favors”.
And that is only the beginning.
Your goal: Survive, find out what happened and most importantly, build your own post-apocalyptic harem.‚Äč


Save compatibility:
Should work completely fine. If you have any issues, try ignoring the errors or use rollback to see if it will fix it.
New Content:

  1. 28 new animations to illustrate how you interact with the world. I went slightly overboard with these, but I like them a lot.
  2. 5 new scenes for the girls. (3 Robin, 2 Mia) 10 animations total. these are part of a new system in the game.
  3. New Morale system. You can now ask the girls to actually raise your morale to get a temporary boost in stamina. The system has it’s own scenes and you will acquire new options as the game progresses. This is still an early state of this system and more options will be added with time.
  4. A new Icon that displays while an animation is running, just so you are warned and don’t click it away before the icon disappears. Can be turned off/on at any time in the preferences.
  5. New turntable animations for every single Item in the game. 29 small animations in total.
    Content changes:
  6. I completely remade every single forest background and a good amount of the lodge as well. We are talking about 20 remade backgrounds.
  7. Changes to the UI to make the room selection screen stay open, so you won’t have to click it after every single action.
  8. New images added at points where there was too little going on. (For example when searching the wheat, there are now more images.)
  9. 4 Animations that played in forested areas have been reworked to fit the new style.
  10. Robins scene07 (The one with the slapping) has been completely reworked with new animations and changed text leading up to it and during the animation. This one has annoyed me and many others for quite some time now. The new scene is better and makes more sense.
  11. Robins scene08 (When she is working on the field) got improvements to the dialogue.
  12. One of the changes I am most excited about. An improved script with the hints of Jacob A, here on Patreon. Now keep in mind that I didn’t give him 100% control of the script and he gave me the revisions in a way that allowed me to really learn from it. So the mistakes that are still in it are most definitely my fault.
  13. Changes to the skill system to make it A: a bit weaker, and B: more difficult to grind out. I thought the tutorial message that notified people that there is no need to grind levels would be enough to keep them from it. Maybe I hit my head that day, but I really don’t know why I had that thought.
    Honestly? I remember fixing one or two things. But I completely forgot what that was. So probably nothing big.

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