Perverted Education – Version 0.9601 Hotfix

Date: 1 August 2020
Language: English
Version: 0.9601 Hotfix
Censored: No

Info: Perverted Education is erotic game where main character starts as an immature male of indeterminate (but legal) age, and is slowly corrupted on three sides by his Teacher, Therapist and Guardian (you can choose your mother, or a family friend)…

– Hotfix (requires v0.9600)

New additions:

Poise training – Teacher continues training the protagonist in proper feminine movement, this time teaching him walking and partnered dancing.
New friend updates – A final “catch up” scene has been added to get everyone on the same page for the next update, and the “manga” hang out scene has been updated to better match the added scenes of mutual exploration

Bug fixes:

Fixed an issue that caused Friend and Friend sis’s names to be improperly cased
Fixed an issue that caused red text at the party during etiquette lessons
Fixed an issue that did not properly register completing the party, causing the teacher to punish the player for missing it even after attending.
Fixed an issue that allowed players in “shemale mode” to go on a date with the jogger
Fixed an issue that caused the “complain about the price” response to play on the date with Ashley, even if the player had enough money and paid immediately.
Fixed an issue that caused an error to display during etiquette lesson party
Improved backwards compatibility code.

Known issues:

Several bugs involving the wager and debt at the clinic remain unfixed.
Remedial classes are not activating exactly as intended as they require the player to not pass the final class to occur.

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2 responses to “Perverted Education – Version 0.9601 Hotfix”

  1. Jeanne says:

    I have a bug where Miss Buxton orders me to go on a date, I chose to go with the theatre teacher (forgot her name) and now I am stuck on an eternal quest of going out on a date without said option (I dont have a chance of picking “the jogger”, “the coach”, “Ashley” or the aforementioned theatre teacher). I also have a bug where in Miss Buxton asks me to give someone in the club a hand job and there is no one else.

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