Savior – New Version 0.4 + INC Patch + Walkthrough

Date: 31.07.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.4
Censored: No


Savior is about to guy who genetically engineered by his scientist parents due to their infertility, but there was also another reason behind their decision.
The world we are living was in great danger. The threat that our world had to face was far greater than any other distress we have ever witnessed before.
To overcome this catastrophic danger our hero has to make hard decisions and maybe sacrifice himself or his loved ones. During his journey, he will notice some abnormalities about himself. Perhaps he might gain some weird abilities or powers… Who knows?
He will need your help to save our world. Do you have what it takes?

INC Patch:

Please remeber to delete the numbers in the file name after download.
the file must be called patch.rpyc and must be moved to game. Thanks

Note: On forums i saw that some people wrote that some of the antivirus programs which they use show virus alert for this game. I use original licenced Kaspersky antivirus and it didn’t found anything but i want to let you know about this possible issue. Also this is original file from Patreon page.

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4 responses to “Savior – New Version 0.4 + INC Patch + Walkthrough”

  1. Brice says:

    I unzipped the game and there is no executable. I can’t play it.

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