The Pale Orc – New Version 0.4

Date: 08.09.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.4
Censored: No


Barbaric savages, more beasts than men! Merciless skull crushers and despicable ch eaters! The plague of southern reaches!
What else have you heard about orcs? A lot worse, I reckon! These green sacks of rage and muscle certainly deserve every last word of hatred thrown their way. For centuries they’ve been burning human settlements, looting dwarven banks and deforesting elven groves without a slightest hint of compassion or remorse.
However, by a whim of their all-knowing Gods, a small orc tribe is forced to accept one of the human peasants into their ranks.
The story of “The pale orc” follows a man named Bratan. Stuck in the very bottom of a tribal hierarchy, his goal is to reach the top and become a Chief.
In order to gain respect of his peers, Bratan has to complete numerous Duties around the orc camp, ranging from cleaning tables at the kitchen, watching livestock and sharpening weapons to leading demon hunts, performing shamanistic rituals and forging masterpiece weapons.
Bratan will meet a wild cast of friends and foes along his weary way. Some will become faithful friends, some mortal foes.
However, the main focus of “The pale orc” is adult content, which revolves around training the leader of orcs, Chief Yallara. Main pornographic tags include training and male domination. As the game progresses, Yallara will gradually turn from an unruly, arrogant tyrant into an obedient, submissive sweetheart.

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