Dusklight Manor – New Episode 7 + Walkthrough

Date: 16.09.2020
Language: English
Version: Chapter 7
Censored: No

Info: You are a young man that was offered a great opportunity for a new job and you decide to take it. You arrive at the Dusklight Manor to begin your new life and work, here you meet three wonderful girls that are under the tutelage of Mistress Clara, an enigmatic figure with more secrets than you can imagine. The girls you meet are Lizzie Monroe, Mary Best and Lola Mod and you can build up relationships with each of them, depending on who you like more. While working around the house you notice Mistress Clara using a sort of magic on the house butler to make him younger but you set that aside, believing you are imagining things…​

Episode 7:
– Episode 7 brings 240 new images and animated videos, making that a total of 1730 images. (That is almost as much as LBH’s Final version believe it or not)
– This Episode is in a very big part the result of your choices so far, so for example if you are in a relationship with Audrey you will see more Audrey scenes, if not you will not see them. (the classic choice is now bypassed since you already decided in the previous versions)
– Last but not least, the kinky and twisted levels of this Episode are much higher than the previous Episodes in a couple of scenes, let’s just say that some things have not been seen before.
In Episode 7 the attention is mostly distributed to Audrey, Lemon and Cora, however everyone is featured and plays a part in it. As the story progresses things get more and more complicated and as such the focus will be higher on some characters. I wanted to open a poll a couple of days ago but decided to postpone it for a later date, likely in a few days.

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