Chloe 18 Fake Family – New Version 0.2

Date: 23.09.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.2
Censored: No


Chloe18 Back to Class stopped when Chloe Needed To make everyone Think That she isn’t that much of a slut herself, and Taylor is worse. Take the Part of Trevis, He tried to be a criminal to impress a girl, and failed terribly. Now with the help of Chloe, Trevis will pretend to be Taylor’s Brother. What at first it seems like a good place to hide, now while pretending to be her Brother you need corrupt Taylor and her whole family, (not that you don’t want to)
Enjoy chloe18’s world from another angle, With the hot and realist girls you know and like.​

Chloe 18 Fake Family v0.2
-29 new Story achievements
-17 new hidden Pics of Bella
-27 new animated sex scenes
-Amy can be dated at a new date place(unlocked only after You can control Chloe)
-Chloe is now playable every Monday(after you reached step 4 on her plan)
-Chloe have her own stats + Slut and horny meters
-Pizza-girl minigame added + strip tease mini-game
-you can review any sex scene on Someone’s PC
-gymnastic Training with Taylor(other girls to be add later,Taylor will get more too)
-Kaoru added to the game
-new Meetings with tomboy
-A new heist(get if from Kaoru)
-Quick heist now let you choose what stats to get Bonus for
-Stats cap is now 50
-stats are more easy to get and more abundant
-new animated sex-scenes: Chloe:9 others: Kaoru-PizzaGirl-Tomboy-Taylor-Amelia-Amy
-About Amy: She will be a slow corruption, but since its a sex game you will be able to unlock and fuck other girl while at it
-added Antialiasing, texture filtering and Vsinc to MAC. it will look way better on MACs now
-Full-resolution Pack added as a optional download
-Secret cheat Menu added
-all old bug where fixed or are now features( the latter is more likely)
-Expect new tasty bugs made with extra care and love

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