Coming of Age – New Version 1.5

Date: 30.09.2020
Language: English
Version: 1.5
Censored: No

Info: The game is an sandbox(ish) game in which u play with May. A student in an unnamed city. Overall idea is to create a slow corruption type of game.
A day in game consists of 4 sections:Morning,Afternoon,Evening,Night.
There is about 2 weeks game play in current release depending on your how you play.
This game has been inspired by Valentina Story. Which gave me the inspiration in using Illusion’s SBPR for the pictures in combination with RPGmaker Ace.

– Added an option for May to call her (Step)dad daddy only in the new scene thus far.
If you’re using an exciting save and have already viewed the 1st scene you’ll need to set the family relation again under settings to see the proper text in the new event or else you’ll see only 0!
It now includes a setting to use the nickname or leave it default.
` Version 1.5 now contains over 3000 CG. (1.3 contained around 2715 CG)
– Added Two new events when May is working as a stripper. The 2nd event will need to be played twice to see both animations.
– Added new event between May and her (Step)dad.
– Added new event with female family member.
– Added several small and one slightly larger interaction between May and her mother during the morning.
The event will change depending on the relationship level with her mom.
They will only trigger while wearing the Red top+skirt or the Pink shirt + shorts outfit.
The later events will only trigger wearing the later outfit (Pink shirt+Shorts)
– Added a new stage to the webcam event.
You’ll need to repeat the 4th stage to trigger it.
– All the stripper events have been added to the recollection room.
– The 5 mini-events after the 5th modeling shoot have been added to the recollection room.
You should be able to watch these if you have already seen/unlocked then before.
– Made a small fix to the 3rd clothing shop event which prevented one of the CG to be properly displayed.
– Replaced 3CG of the 3rd clothing shop events. (Bathing suit)
– Reworked Gym locker event with Gina.
Fixed lots of spelling/grammar errors, replaced most of the CG and added a few new ones.
– Lowered Gina points required to view the scene after the cheerleader event from 4 to 3.
– Fixed Lots of spelling/grammar errors of the library events and made some small textual changes.
– Fixed some spelling/grammar error for the 4th event with May’s mother.
– Players should now be able to trigger the events involving Lilly during the gym instructors job even if they skipped/missed the whole first stage of the gym instructor job.

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