Void’s Calling – New Episode 2 – Version 0.01

Date: 10.10.2020
Language: English, Russian
Version: 0.01
Censored: No

Info: “Call of the Void” – is a sandbox game where every decision you make can drastically change the course of game’s story. Skills we’ve acquired while working on the first game will be utilized to the fullest while working on this project. The game will still be heavily story-oriented, however, this time you are free to choose what to do in the game’s world. As for the render’s quality, I think you’ve noticed the gradual improvement in quality over the period of work from the last project and I keep learning new stuff. Talking about sex scenes, you can expect the same quality if not even better than in my first project. “Call of the Void” is a redesign of our ideas. A new project with the same old approach to our work and style.

Ep.2 v0.01
22.3k words and 915 renders are ready for the next update.
1) This is an early access with all “bonuses” that usually come with it. Technical side of the second episode isn’t finished. Export of saves, battle system and interface elements will be added later on. English will keep being worked on as well.
2) This update is an introduction (a prologue) to the second episode of our game. Mechanically, this update is closer to a linear VN. By the end of the prologue, you’ll return to the open world.
3) This update is shown for demonstration purposes only, and in order to thank our patrons for their support.

Old Name: Call of the Void
New Name: Void’s Calling
Download links – Episode 1 – Version 0.9.32: https://filefox.cc/6p17stror2fz https://rg.to/file/a777147e5df05b2ddf5d50c79f2fd7c6/VoidCalling-0.9.32-pc.zip.html https://k2s.cc/file/90ac56e460971/VoidCalling-0.9.32-pc.zip https://fboom.me/file/90ac56e460971/VoidCalling-0.9.32-pc.zip

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