Dusklight Manor – New Episode 8 + Walkthrough

Date: 16.10.2020
Language: English
Version: Chapter 8
Censored: No

Info: You are a young man that was offered a great opportunity for a new job and you decide to take it. You arrive at the Dusklight Manor to begin your new life and work, here you meet three wonderful girls that are under the tutelage of Mistress Clara, an enigmatic figure with more secrets than you can imagine. The girls you meet are Lizzie Monroe, Mary Best and Lola Mod and you can build up relationships with each of them, depending on who you like more. While working around the house you notice Mistress Clara using a sort of magic on the house butler to make him younger but you set that aside, believing you are imagining things…‚Äč

Episode 8:
This Episode brings 230 new renders (including video animations) and a ton of story content and progression. This is one of the most story packed Episodes so far, featuring plot twists and unexpected turn of events. This Episode also sets up the next one to bring even more plot developments but I’m not going to spoil it so you’ll just have to play Episode 8 and see for yourself.
Episode 8 also brings a good dose of kink and perversion so you’re going to have a field day on the “Blood” story path. The main story does not lag behind, some turn of events changing the flow of the game from now on.
Similar to Episode 7, the current Episode also relies on your past decisions, these are guiding the story and the action depending on some of your older choices.

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