College Kings – New Version 0.2.1

Date: 17.10.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.2.1
Censored: No


After a bad heartbreak with your ex-girlfriend Emily you earn a place at your first choice college, San Vallejo.
And with it, a chance for a new start. You quickly discover that this year will be about much more than studying as being a freshman hits you hard and fast.
An underground fighting tradition called the Summer Showdown between the two best fraternities,
the apes and the wolves is your pathway to a life of partying, power and sex. But how far will you be willing to go to get your dream girl?​



  • All keybindings for fights can now be changed to any key. (Q,W,R)
  • Fights now have an option to automatically win when simulating
    General Improvements:
  • Fixed spelling mistakes
  • Fixed missing images
  • Fixed faulty images
  • Exchanged images that were shown at the wrong spots
  • Fixed bus sound continuing after reaching the doctor’s office
    Bug Fixes:
  • Resolved an issue that made the game crash when buying costumes with Penelope
  • Resolved an issue that made the game reset to an earlier point when click “no” to buying a costume
  • Resolved a bug where texts would show (name) instead of the player’s name

New content: Progressing the main story (Lauren, Imre, Chris, etc.) Introducing the Fighting Mechanics & Gameplay: First animated fight with different difficulty settings Optional side story: Emily Introducing new characters: Penelope & Evelyn More scenes with Patreon voted character (Aubrey) 800 new renders
Gameplay: Real Life Mode: An optional mode that disables saving the game during choices to give you a more immersive and realistic experience where every choice matters. Meaningful choices: Lots of modular paths added. Many of the new choices will now permanently alter the game Key Character Trait Influence: Your KCT will now have a significant impact on how other character’s make decisions about you. Different characters prefer different KCTs (Loyal, Popular & Confident) Option to simulate fights so that you can watch the fight without having to play them
General Improvements: Updated Main Menu design Reworked Nora and Chris as characters Credits screen now shows Patrons Altered some of the v0.1 dialogue to make it more coherent with the characters
Bug Fixes: Resolved an issue that caused the game to crash due to variables not being defined

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