The Promise – New Version 0.57

Date: 14.10.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.57
Censored: No

Info: You played as a man aged forty who has promised your family al lot.
And now its the time to make the promise real.
You must work hard and make much descisions for your life.
And it will have influence on the others.​

Content (216 new images, 3 animations):
Have you already visited your wife at work about ten times, then it is time for a new office outfit (Added the next shopping tour for a new office outfit with Michelle)
And added the new outfit images when meeting Michelle in the bedroom at 10:00 or the kitchen, additionally some new pictures in the kitchen for the common clothes.
Jack has volunteered to be a swimming teacher for your wife and he doesn’t seem to want anything in return or does he? (Added the next three visits with your wife at the public pool)
There is nothing better than a night of watching television with your lovely wife and cuddling together. (Added a tv cuddling part with Michelle)
For the naughty gamers there are some cheeky new kitchen reactions with Michelle. (Added some more pictures and reactions for your wife if you peep at her in the kitchen)
Reworked the social talk with Nina so she has something to say when you chat with her at the Cinema or Public pool. (Added a reply for each level with her relationship)
Nina appreciates it when you visit her house on a Monday evening with a flower or a good book. Well, actually it is a very bad book. (Added the next steps at home with Nina, you have now more choices)
During an innocent walk you can sometimes make someone do not so innocent things. (Added the next walk with Nina triggered from her house on a Monday evening)
Are you sleeping peacefully at night and who is next to your bed again? Exactly your adopted daughter. (Added next massage with Lisa (if you have made the right choices before during earlier massages)
You don’t want Lisa getting muscle problems, but you don’t want bags under the eyes for it either. Time to make good agreements. (Repeatable massages on Sundays with different outcomes. Try to find out where it hurts in this brand new mini game.
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scenario Writer))
Added the new GUI for your House
Reworked the current Stats and added some new ones.
Reworked the City map a little bit to make navigating easier.
Added therefore some more information in the Tutorial
You can now reach all locations over the map directly and no longer need to go by another location like the park or news stand.
Changed some variables for the first shopping event with the wife
Changed some variables for the office events with the wife so it suits better with her levels.
Changed some variables for Lisa so they suit better with her storyline.
Fixed some bugs with the hints in the stats, some wrong info won’t show up any longer
Fixed a bug triggering the pool event with the wife
Fixed some smaller bugs

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14 responses to “The Promise – New Version 0.57”

  1. McCat says:

    rapidgator download link does not work…and I’m not waiting 7-8 hrs. for a download from the others that I don’t have an account with!!

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, how you mean that it doesn’t work, you can’t download or files are corrupted after download? If you have premium there you can contact support and i am sure that they will help you. For example i have also premium there and everything works fine. Here is also fast link for you and compressed for easier download:!f8cklSLL!08ovkMf45XO3kZtzyn8QUYsIA6Vx0YsXlogfBfEfnew

      • McCat says:

        I tried again today and the download worked fine…last night when it would finally come up, the page looked all weird and didn’t work. And their support never answered. There must have been something wrong at their end and not this website…my apologies.

        • miladmin says:

          No problem friend, there are sometimes problems with file hosts (servers etc) and you can always ask me for help. πŸ™‚

  2. McCat says:

    rapidgator link does not work. Let’s see if it will post this comment…wouldn’t post the last one because it said I already posted it…and THERE ARE NO COMMENTS PERIOD!!! Seriously?!?!?

  3. McCat says:

    There is something very wrong with this website today…that first comment by me WAS NOT THERE until I posted the 2nd one. Weird!

  4. Gus says:

    hi miladmin, Do you or anybody else know how to corrupt Lisa the daughter. I’m at level 2 with her but no corruption points, I would really appreciate any help here. Regards Gus

  5. Gus says:

    Hi Miladmin, Dont worry I found how to do it. Its at the cinema on a Sunday at 18.00 watch a romantic movie and you get 3 corruption points

  6. Gus says:

    Hi Miladmin, Sorry about this but that cinema event only lasts once for 3 corruption points so I’m still struggling to find the other events. Would appreciate your help if you can. P.S. you can delete those oother 2 emails if you so wish. Gus

  7. Gus says:

    I appreciate all you’ve done to help, I shall do what you suggest and follow up. Regards Gus

  8. McCat says:

    Hey Gus, don’t know if you figured it out yet but you can give Lisa “Love Story” books that you buy at the store and they increase her corruption.

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