The Regional Manager – New Version 0.0.2

Date: 12.10.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.0.2
Censored: No


You are an ambitious businessman in his mid twenties. You are temporarily in charge of the regional branch of an important Electronics company.
You have 60 days to make it great again. Be nice or not… it’s up to you.​


For 0.0.2 I focused mainly on helping the player to know what to do (still a WIP) and on porting the game on android. I still added some content though.
Gameplay / Features:
-The game is now playable on Android with scaled UI.
NB: Some pics might not load correctly, tell me if this happens !
-Reworked the relationship screen and replaced numbers by color-coded hearts.
-Renamed like and dislike as Affinity and Animosity
-Added more quests to the quest log. (WIP)
-Refined the beginning (Disclaimer & presentation of the game)
-Almost completed the conference quest.
-Additional content for some characters:
-Leah (she can wake up when drunk)
-Meredith (animations while sleeping)
-Melissa (flashing if she likes you)
-Miko (set up date with the Captain)
-Melvin (if present at the conference with his glasses)
-Fixed various story bugs
-Fixed a few typos.

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    With unpacking the file there`s a problem with the filename Archive.tpa the file is damage.


  2. MrAnargy99 says:


    With unpacking the file there`s a problem with the filename Archive.rpa the file is damage.


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