Adventure of Willy D – New Version 0.51 (Patch from 0.50 -> 0.51)

Date: 20.10.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.51
Censored: No

Info: Adventures of Willy D. is point and click adventure type of game. If i would compare it’s game play most similar would probably be “Broken Sword” but with adult content.
Everything in game is animated so that means it is not type of graphic novel where you just see pictures or animations only in certain situations. Even when character just stands you may see his movement of breathing.​

Patch: 0.25->0.26->0.27->0.28->0.29->0.30->0.31->0.32->0.33->0.34->0.35->0.36->0.37->0.38->0.39->0.40->0.41->0.42->0.43->0.44->0.45->0.46->0.47->0.48->0.49->0.50->0.51 – My Advice for you: Keep old versions because it seems creator will release only patches (reason is that game is really big, almost 20 gb now)

Patch Update installation instructions:
Simply copy exe file to folder where Adventures of Willy D 0.50 is (where exe and vis files are)
Then run this exe from that folder. Wait several minutes depending on your system black window will pop up with s*****
If all goes good it will do checksum and after all goes right press “finish” and you just start game as if you have download full game version.
You may now use saves I create for this latest version.

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6 responses to “Adventure of Willy D – New Version 0.51 (Patch from 0.50 -> 0.51)”

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, yes there is some problem with that file for saves + walkthrough. Here is walkthrough and soon i will post saves when i will get it. 🙂
      Threesome with lady Gloria
      • (v039 only) Say to Mrs. Monique “I better go and thank all my sponsors
      for today”
      • Go to [Fiona’s fathers house] and say to Fiona “I came to thank you and
      your father for today”
      • Go to [villa Gloria] and say to Mrs. Maria “I came to thank you for being
      my sponsor today”
      • Go to [Gloria’s yacht] and say to lady Gloria “I came to thank you for
      being my sponsor today”. As a reward for defeating the major she and
      Jessica – the girl standing next to her – will give a lesbian show.
      Afterwards say “That was awesome lady Gloria” and Willy says he is
      going to the beach
      • Drive to [Cool Bay beach] and “Ask her for sex”. Enjoy O. Afterwards say
      “I need to go back to Spore island” because Willy thinks he lost his
      apartment keys. But before going search for the [Natasha gold] doll
      • Go to [Gloria’s yacht] and ask Jessica “Did you see my keys here… I
      think I lost them here earlier”. Willy likes here and that leads to special
      threesome. Enjoy again O. Before going collect the [Gloria platinum]
      doll in the [captain’s cabin]
      Open world
      • – New tatto patterns can be found for Kayla. This spawn again random
      but only 1 pattern will spawn at one time. So this is just addition to
      same ones that spawned before now this may be included in spawn (it is
      super random so you will always check what was spawned and you will
      need to use even if it is old one you already saw to trigger new random
      spawn) now do remember that Kayla scene is skippable by pressing esc
      after you gp to her sex scenes… that may make it go really super fast
      search for missing patterns. New locations for this are:
      • 7. Location: Strip club enterance – fine tattoo pattern
      • 8. location: Majora street west by garbage near whore there – fine tattoo
      • 9. location: Forest pat5h to doll house – epic tatto pattern
      • Fine pattern will open BJ scene with her.
      • Epic will open full sex scene with her.

      • After touching Natalie (piano girl in hotel hall) go to her apartment in
      West Majora and read her diary on laptop. read entry 2. IT will say she
      will be packing from work to go home on upper flor of hotel in her hotel
      room. She will also mention that she hopes willy will fuck her etc… Now
      you need to have second floor open so meanning you will need do main
      story till you have sex with elvira part. Then go to upper room on left
      side is natalies room. Enter and wwhen you click on her you will only
      have 1 option to fuck her. Enjoy (her story is not yet over this nis just
      • There are new animations of lap dance with young stripper Nella. So go
      to strip club and talk to her and pay for more animations (ingame
      • With nun tatiana, after you streacth her legs, talk about her feelings.
      She will say she listened mother superior about everything. So go to
      Silver doll house and speak with Mother superior. She will give you
      advices for Tatiana. Go back to tatiana and convince her that you know
      best what is good for her and enjoy extended sexy scene with her
      “therapy” with her fears…

  1. qwertqwe says:

    i have to find Elvira at the hotel. Where is her room pls?

  2. yasin says:

    mega link “)

  3. Arouso says:

    in the walkthrough i’m in the section “surprise for dee dee” (neighbour-path). Im in a room alone with eve, talked to her like the walkthrough told me (Amanda under shower), grabbed the doll,…but now, i can’t leave the room 🙁
    Somebody knows what to do?

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