Life in Woodchester – New Version 0.3.0

Date: 20.10.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.3.0
Censored: No

Info: It’s a top quality Adult Visual Novel, Dating Sim, Adventure game being developed by Dirty Sock Games!
Planned Game Features
Main & Side Quests
A Popular & flexible game engine GMS2
Customize all characters Hair, Skin, Eye color using shaders.
Live2d for fluid and interactive animations
Texting Characters w/ In Game Phone
Quality Mini Games using GMS2 templates. Games like Poker, BlackJack, Arcade etc.
Inventory, Stats, Energy, Money, Dating Game Systems

Version 0.3.0:
New Content
New Character Lily Added
4 New Janice Story Scenes
5 New Lily Story Scenes
6 New Tara Story Scenes
2 New Shower Scenes
New Features
Saving & Loading is now working (your old saves wont work for this build, but we’re working on backwards compatibility moving forward, after our next update.
Quick Save & Quick Load are working, this feature is for those that like to dig through every dialogue box. You can quick save in one part of the dialogue, then quickload to jump back. Does not actually save the game, only keeps your “spot in line” for that dialogue scene.
Shaders can be enabled or disabled in the settings.
New GMS2 Runtime This runtime should make garbage collection easer on all devices. Will keep an eye on Mobile devices to see if it has memory improvements.
Exposed Dialogue We have exposed the dialogue to text files in the dialogue folder. Want to spice things up on your own? Go ahead! This also opens things up for localization. We’ve only exposed dialogue so no room text yet. Also new lines are not supported, just adding and tweaking existing text.
Bug Fixes Galore Believe us! There were many.
Known Issues
Audio sliders are not working for resolutions under 1080p (working)
Minor Visual Bugs involving particles
Auto button in the VN bar works, but doesn’t really work well

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