Community Service [version 1.7.1]

Date: 26 October 2020
Language: English
Version: 1.7.1
Censored: No

Info: During your first day on Community Service, you and your fellow young offenders are caught in an unusual lightning storm. Shortly after, you discover that the storm has given you and those around you unique abilities, called Powers. But with the world rapidly adjusting to the change, and a dark vision of the future, what will you do?


Megan's Questline Complete
(7 new events, 2 story choices, 1 free-mode menu, 2 background events)
New Character: Riley
    (Included in Megan's questline, 1 character event, 1 story choice, no other free mode content)
New Character: Peta
    (Included in Megan's questline, no current free-mode content)
New Character: Ava
    (Included in Megan's questline, no current free-mode content)
New Location: Bar
    (Featured in Riley's Event, no other current free-mode content)
51 New Images, 24 New Videos
Approx 20'000 additional words
All images re-sourced and resized to approximately 720p
All images converted to webp format
All gifs converted to webm format
All videos trimmed to approximately 10 seconds and resized to approximately 720p
    (Except in cases where a different length is more appropriate)
Game File size significantly reduced from 1.21GB to 744MB
Jen & Eric Porn Game removed from intro
    (This was added during a version with less content, and now that the game has expanded, the game has been removed from the intro. The game is still accessible in the MC's Computer)

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