The Anomalous Dr Vibes – New Version 0.9.0 Beta 2

Date: 27.10.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.9.0 Beta 2
Censored: No

Info: The story is about a young entrepreneur mysteriously transported into another dimension, similar but not the same as the one he left. The game begins having to build relationships in this new world and starting to generate an income. Can he survive and prosper in this new world? Can he find out what the hell is going on and why some evil bastard has stolen him away from his old life?​

v0.9.0 Beta 2
IMAGES 3606 ( 306 new)
VIDEOS 171 (16 new)
Quinn story extended (and a new replayable event at night)
Cara story extended
Alize and Lucie scene progression
Perrin story extended
Hendrix, Jessica and Imani story extended (and an introduction to Gabriel)
Helana, 2 scene progressions and a cameo
Navia story extended
Soren, Nina and Mackenzie story extended (and an introduction to Annika)
Volume slider moved onto the settings page with other sliders for consistency.
Set right mouse button to also close settings window for consistency and to match RenPy
Extended image overlay tween options
Fixed Helana double character card bug (moved to end of intro)
Fixed random missing navigation buttons on PC Character Cards
Changed colour of neighbors house on map to make it easier to see coloured event ring
Fast forward now turns off on last page of an event if running (rather than completing event)

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One response to “The Anomalous Dr Vibes – New Version 0.9.0 Beta 2”

  1. hentaigreat3 says:

    Very underestimated game which has lot of potential. Sadly not much people know about the game. Beta 3 is already out too.

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