Love Zombies – New Version 1.0

Date: 31.10.2020
Language: English
Version: 1.0
Censored: No

Info: Love Zombies is a atmospheric, erotic, dungeon crawling survival game set in the zombie apocalypse!!!
Survive & Thrive in these lewd times – With death knocking on every door, food and water supplies dwindling, it’s up to you keep your fellow survivors safe. That is, if you can find them in time… Who could have known the dead would have this kind of effect on people? After all is said and done, this might still turn out to be the best getaway ever!​

=== Changelog ===
– Survivors have been added (For this test build we have given you all 5 default survivors they will be replaced by $15 Patreon characters, which need to be found)
[ Survivors offer a new way to find food/loot that you might need, while they need to be fed their presence draws in the dead!]
– Base Building has been added (Speak to Ash in the backyard in order to learn about it)
[ Garden planters can grow food, water catches do… well you get the idea, tents expand your survivor capacity and defenses offer various buffs and protections
against the armies of the night]
– Zombie raids have been added (A number of factors contribute to the likelyhood of being attacked, can you guess them? if not, don’t panic we will explain in a walkthrough)
– You can now give Vi, Ash & Cas Titles and change how they address you (No more need for that Patch, that’s going around!) [Only works for Windows]
– You can now Toggle certain fetishes on an off (Via the phone)
– Fate has a lewd scene, in addition to a chunk of the main story and introduction to the dojo/training
– Vi has a lewd scene that is connected to the new Raid mechinic (You may have seen this one before, it has been expanded with 2 new varriations and a high lust version of all 3. Ash & Cas will have this in later updates)
– The Apartment has been updated to the new UI style (Bar will come in a hotfix)
– Zombies’ HP has gotten a huge buff
– Each zombie now has unique weighted chances to their actions
Fixed bugs:
Cas not showing during some location transitions
Fixed rescuing lost survivors with someone in your party
Fixed being unable to use Melee weapons if you got knocked back without anyone in your party
Known Bugs:
– While looting it’s possibly to get a black screen that kicks you back to the map screen
– When meeting a survivor their default image dissapears after a quick flash
– Travaling to Cas via phone can sometimes TP you to Ash instead

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