Residents of Evilville – New Version 0.81

Date: 31.10.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.81
Censored: No


As residents of a sleepy town called Trash Panda City disappear, a special elite task force is called in to save the day. Will these elite warriors save the town? Probably… because they’re elite! But the real question is will Claire save the day?
Take control of Claire, a totally mundane not special at all person who dives head first into a zombie apocalypse to find her brother. Armed with her ponytail and a lifetime of social awkwardness will she be able to find her brother and escape or become a slave to some kinky opportunists?

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One response to “Residents of Evilville – New Version 0.81”

  1. Ratin' Games says:

    A fun parody of Ressie that easily stops itself from becoming too dark and serious by being hilarious in its story and characters, offering quite erotic situations for the main character to stumble into, though admittedly its sex scenes can be more of an aquired taste in some instances. Leaning heavily into the bondage category, the actual gameplay gives puzzles that can be brain scratchers, and combat avoiding that is actually fair without spawning too many enemies to dodge.

    ~the humour and writing are some of the best I’ve ever had in an adult game
    ~the bondage is really thorough with its images and descriptions, somehow managing to keeps each situation varied, impressive given that all scenarios basically boil down to “and then she gets tied up”
    ~the main character is an adorable airhead who you can’t help but love
    ~puzzles do make you take your time exploring the fantasticly well created game. It looks beautiful with its little details, while the art for the sex scenes is cartoony while looking very appealing

    ~not much feedback on how much health you have left after an enemy attacks (you have to pause and check a menu)
    ~a forced switching of characters during the story can break the game when you check your health
    ~invisible traps (literal ones) are super unfair
    ~the main character having small breasts is brought up a weirdly huge amount in conversations. It’s fine she has small boobs, but for some reason the game won’t shut up about it and I’m not sure why

    Overall: Reccomened.

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