The Solarion Project – New Version 0.11

Date: 20.11.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.11
Censored: No

Info: Explore the galaxy with your all female crew to support you! Having recently inherited a ship from your estranged father, you set out on a journey to discover new worlds with a new family. However your past begins to catch up to you and you begin to find out things about your father than you and even the crew he spent years with, never knew. Each crew member has their own in depth and rich personality and back story. Pick your favourite to form an intimate relationship with, or maybe… multiple. There are many choices to make and not all of them leading to happy outcomes, but it’s up to you, the player. In control of your own destiny as you begin to discover, what is the Solarion Project?​

Change Log Version 0.11:
You’ll get a communication after completing the final Red Queen mission (with Pauline) which will allow you to start the Xian Tao storyline. I approached this one in a slightly different way, making it more like a VN (based on the previous posts.) And I’ve come to a decision around that, which I’ll post about this month.
Despite some coding to try and make the galaxy map load better, I’ve decided to completely revamp it in the 0.12 build so look forward to that! 🙂

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